Exercises for Strengthening Your Intuition.

Can you feel your skin twitch, itch, crawl when you're receiving a hunch? Can you feel the back of your neck tingle? Ears burning? Heart Pounding? Butterflies fluttering in your stomach? All these sensations are your fast twitch muscles communicating. Probably your felt sense-6th sense is your fast twitch muscles speaking. In my research, I'm... Continue Reading →

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

Albert Einstein, said, "The only real valuable thing is INTUITION." Receive my Gift to YOU. 10 Minute Intuitive Reading from Me. Nearly 30 years of counseling, ecstatic dancing and facilitating Awe-thenticity shape-shifted into a Tarot Deck with my Original Crayon Art and Complete Guide to Being Awe-thentic. I have 3 Requests of You. 1-Receive my Gift of... Continue Reading →

ABC’s to Following Your Intuition

A B C's to Following Your Intuition A is for Attend to your Senses.  Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch, Taste. Developing your 5 Senses will Seduce your 6th Sense:  Intuition. B is for Boost your Body.  Listen and respond to your body requests for rest, nourishment, and gentle movement. C is for Communicate.  Conscious language is... Continue Reading →

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