How Do I Trust My Intuition Right Now?

I'm sitting here in a quandary. As an Intuition Counselor, you'd think I could do a muscle test or  be quiet and listen.  It's not always that easy.  Right, even for me.  Sometimes I can't feel.  Sometimes I can't listen.  Fear drowns out listening to my 'higher' self.  Confusion floods my senses.  Now what? My... Continue Reading →

Here’s to Following your Gut!

Okay We've all heard it "Mother Knows Best!" and my favorite "Don't mess with Mother Nature." Well I'm telling you today-Do mess with Mother Nature! In fact, I'm saying dig into her, fondle her, and EAT her! Follow your guts. Well, when you nourish your guts with real food, you can trust your guts are... Continue Reading →

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