$30.00 Off of Full Hour Intuitive Reading!

fire horseHOWDY!

Thanks for Listening to YOUR Intuition!

Right Now-Our insights and Intuitive ‘Hits’ are emerging and surfacing. 

Special Rate Phone Sessions from NOW until Feb 15th.

As our days get longer, our sun penetrates our moist soil. 

Our seeds swell with desire to emerge to reach daylight. Ahhhh….the Quickening. Dreams meet the light of day.

Our heart’s desires (from the stars) take root.

Our ancestors celebrated this time as Imbolc-‘in the belly’.

It’s time to penetrate our dreaminess with our tools. Be it shovel, sharp pen to paper, or therapy of choice; it’s TIME! to Dig IN! and Pierce the Veil! With Com-passion

My sharp intuition and compassionate wisdom runs deep and wide. With over 30 years of professional experience- I teach, learn, and mid-wife spirit birthing human. 

Carola Marashi M.A. Intuition Counselor

Catch Me while my Mother Love Flows Generously. 

(512) 925-0625

Our ears go straight into our heart.

I am a Heart Whisperer.

My service is to help you listen to Your Intuition, Your Inner Guide, Your Heart of Hearts.

One short phone session with me can

  • strengthen Your ability to hear your heart’s desire.
  • build Your trust in Your intuition.
  • move you further along on Your Path of service to humanity.

 From Now-until Feb 15th 2014

a Full Hour Session for $30.00.
Half off my usual rate is $1.00 per minute.
Carola Marashi M.A.  Author, Intuitive Counselor, Artist
Phone me. I am ‘all ears’ and Heart Present for you. (512) 925-0625 

$ Pay it Forward

This page allows you to Pay for your Intuitive Counseling through Pay Pal.

I appreciate you donating in advance for your counseling.

A donation of $1 per minute is recommended. Donate securely using Paypal - no membership required

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