MOVEMENT AS MEDICINE classes start Sept 9th

sweat ecstacy gab rothCOME AS YOU ARE.

Move from the inside out and leave feeling inspired, invigorated and transformed.
Begin with breathing and be gently guided to awaken your soul.
Classes begin September 9th
Every WED MORNING 10:30 AM to Noon,
Every THURS EVE 6-7:30, and

Every SAT MORNING 10:30 to Noon
NEW! Studio with Salt Water Pool and Sauna and unlimited Yoga and Pilates with membership.
Turtles Yoga and Wellness Beaverton Oregon.

I am blessed to teach what flows through every cell of my body. MOVEMENT AS MEDICINE is a practice of breathing in love and exhaling gratitude for being Ahhh Live. Thank you Gabrielle Roth for inspiring us.Turn up the sound of your soul and dance

The Medicine is Presence.
What happens when we are present?
Perfection. Acceptance. Healing and Foregiveness
All happen when we are present.
We belong in our bodies.

We move toward pleasure. We move forward to the yes;
Rather than move away from the past or escape the future.

A dear friend of mine who was dying of cancer said to me
“Carola, I thought I was afraid of dying. Now I know I was afraid of living.”

Step into being fully alive with others to witness being seen and heard.
Come as you are.
Move as you wish.


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