What’s New In Your World?

Welcome to Fall 2015!

My ‘fall’ began the last day of August.

I literally hit the floor running Monday morning August 31st. I returned from 10 days of Dance Camp NorthWest super excited and inspired. And where I’ve landed is on my 2 feet as a Teacher. I am humbled to feel the earth below me hold me as I stretch my reach to teach what I want to learn, be the change I desire to experience, and create the world I want to live in!

So here’s what’s up. YOU can jump in, share, participate. YOU are welcome here.

I’m teaching in 2 realms:


20517881913_00667fdab3_oBODY LOVE SESSIONS begin September 22nd.

They are personalized sessions that you schedule by calling me at 512-925-0625. As one partcipant described so well…. 

I actually love my body now and I’m able to be with it in a way

I’ve never been able to in my life.

Our elevators at work are full

length mirrors. Every day I would stand in the elevator and

critique all the flaws that were my body. I never saw anything

good about it!!! Now I’m able to look at myself and actually love

and approve of what I see!!! It feels SO GOOD!!!! Another thing

I’ve gotten is to stop worrying about what others think of my

body. This was huge for me all my life! I just don’t have any

attention on that any more.

I just created a new blog site for BodyLove Sessions. Please visit and ‘share’ my page with your friends and contacts. Thank you.



Ecstatic Dance August 2015EVERY Wednesday and Saturday Mornings 10:30 to Noon and Thursday Evenings 6-7:30 PM

How do we Show-Up
Inside Our
Unique Individuality
AND be willing to
Connect with others AWE-thentically?

How can we be
Centered and Grounded
Surrender and Let Go of Control?

Refines our body vocabulary expressed in basic human rhythms of life:

Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, and Stillness.

Pierces the veil of Ecstatic Dance* and Authentic Movement
and reveals what it is to be human.


WHERE:  TurtlesYoga.com

4925 SW Griffith Drive

Beaverton, Oregon 97005


or you can call me at

512-925-0625 for more information.

Open to all Dance-abilities, No Dance Experience necessary:
If you Laugh-You dance!

The Medicine is Presence.
What happens when we are present?
Perfection. Acceptance. Healing and Foregiveness
All happen when we are present.
We belong in our bodies.

We move toward pleasure. We move forward to the yes;
Rather than move away from the past or escape the future.

A dear friend of mine who was dying of cancer said to me
“Carola, I thought I was afraid of dying. Now I know I was afraid of living.”

Come as you are.
Move as you wish.

We begin with
-a 10 minute GUIDED warm-up to gently get present
-an Opening Circle to set the intention
-fall into a Deep Dive 50 minute Dance Journey
-ending with a Closing Circle

Carola Marashi M.A. is founder of BodyChoir-Ecstatic Community Dance & author of “Sensual Eating” as well as “Sacred Dance”. She holds a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Nutrition. Carola works personally with individuals and groups, fostering compassion and authenticity. Since 1994, she has inspired dances from the Big Island of Hawaii to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico as well as establishing Ecstatic Dance Communities in
Austin, Santa Fe, Seattle, Houston,
Ashland, San Francisco, Medford, Beaverton (2015)

*Ecstatic Dance is co-created safe, loving, substance-free space where all ages, body types, physical abilities are invited and encouraged to explore freeform movement, drop judgement of self and others, and dance barefoot. You’re invited!

I’m happy you stopped by my blog. Drop me a line and let me know what you’re up to and how I can help make your world a better place to live!

Loving my life!

Carola LAH

Jens Wazel is the AhhhMazing Photographer!

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