Let's Give Our Dance a Chance to Move Mountains! My dance prayer is that you'll be swept off your feet and dance with me! Yes! Give your dance a chance to awaken your intuition. Conjure your courage to dance from the inside out. Right now I'm sharing my spiritual practice with you. I'm showing you... Continue Reading →

My dance prayer for you is when you find yourself overwhelmed, or swept up with the Holiday madness...

Most of us accept that we have intuition, a sixth sense, an inner knowing that bypasses instinct and intelligence. That’s not what wakes us up at night. The more pressing inquiry is how to access our intuition. Is it a muscle that we can exercise? And if it is, how can we strengthen that muscle?... Continue Reading →

Toto, Looks Like We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

I remember feeling so terrified for my life. I shut down and shut out everything. I couldn’t trust sounds or smell. That's when I didn't trust my sense of direction. I couldn’t trust anything or anyone. I didn’t trust me anymore. I covered my tracks so I wouldn’t find my way back into my desecrated body.

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