Why does the Doc say “Stick out your tongue and say ahh?”


I’m fascinated with the tongue. I know we’re supposed to keep it private, yet my tongue is too curious to be contained.

What does your tongue reveal about YOU?

We could start with the obvious:  color, texture, shape…

Check out this link to see what your tongue says about your health. ‘Cause if you read further, we’re going behind the veil of your lips, opening wide to discover Your awe!

But, really?  What does sticking out your tongue reveal about YOU-Your heart’s desires, dreams, fears, aspirations?…now that’s interesting!

Are you ready to reveal your deepest, darkest, private self?

Right now GO look in the mirror-

Open Wide, Say AWE! and see yourself from the inside out.

Is your mouth inside shiny and wet?

OOH! AWEsome! You live in your body. You follow your intuition and let your sensations direct you. You feed your appetite. You listen to your desires and dreams.  You let your creativity inspire you. Your mantra is “Self care is sexy.”

If it’s not, then go right now and drink some water. What your tongue reveals is that you easily turn off simple body sensations like thirst, appetite, and fatigue. It reveals that setting a timer to remind you to stretch and take a break might be a good idea! You can borrow the mantra “I’m taking a moment to breathe and sigh.”

Is your mouth kinda pink and your saliva kinda sticky?

Hmmm. You could be like me, a person who runs on fear, anxiety, caffeine for energy. Oopsey! It’s never too late to learn that calm is a creative mind, that subtle contains mystery, and ease is effortless.

Did opening your mouth and sticking out your tongue in the mirror make you laugh at yourself?

 Wonderful! Laughter is the best medicine! and laughing at yourself reveals you’ve gone into the dark-made friends with your monsters-and you’re trustworthy!

If you didn’t laugh, that’s okay. Right now, take a selfie of you sticking your tongue out saying “Ahhhh…” and I double dare you to post it!imag1043.jpg

Did it take a couple of times before you could really see yourself in the mirror?  

Yeah, me too. I’ve got to tell my critical mind “Stand down!” Then my soft eyes, innocent eyes come forward and take control. What does that reveal about you? You’re deep, curious, and damn tenacious. You stick with your intentions. You’re reliable and practice integrity.

You know, it takes courage to stick out your tongue and say AWE to yourself and take it seriously. Seriously!

Simply doing this means you’re Bold. Bodacious! and what? Sexually attractive? Yes.

Cause what’s sexy is showing up for yourself. Sexy is being brave enough to look inside. Sexy is doing it even when you’re afraid. Sexy is hanging with the awkward.

Your tongue is a truth tester.

When I stuck out my tongue at the Acupuncture clinic, my doc summoned all his students to look at my tongue. I was mortified!

Sure, I love to stick out my tongue, except…when I have an analytical audience! “Oh I see…So that’s what it looks like…Oh! I’ve never seen this before…” And the silent responses “mmm…holding breath in…pursing lips…” Those silent comments hurt too.

So sticking out my tongue at the acupuncturist revealed I want to know what’s really going on. I found out I run on adrenaline. Duh. That I’ve got to take care of my adrenals. Choose calm tea instead of coffee, at least after 1 pm. I had to tell myself “Okay. I’m mature enough to take care of myself. I really do want to learn about subtle, discreet, and who I am when I’m not afraid.” I’ve developed patience, in my old age. And to remind folks it’s okay to tell me “Quit interrupting me!” I’m a hot headed Italian. I’m not rude, I’m excited!

My Mayan Astrologer friend says I’m a Snake. As a snake, I use my tongue to test the scene. I stick out my tongue-like a Tourette Syndrome motor tic.

So there you go! You got my attention! Hopefully I got yours. If you’re itching to fall more deeply, madly in love with yourself,

cause you figured out

“YOU’RE the most important project on the planet.” I’m here for you!


Do you want to transmute fear into courage, dreams into reality, inertia into ecstatic dance? I’m here to help YOU live your truth out loud.

I offer YOU my undivided attention.
As a published author, I unabashedly speak my truth.
As a trained Transpersonal Therapist, I am your soul advocate and Heart Whisperer.
As a facilitator trainer, I help you move forward and stay focused.
As a mover and shaker of authenticity, I help you unleash your tongue and speak your truth from the inside out.

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