Grounding and Centering in the Midst of Holiday Madness

Welcome to my home, my heart, my kitchen!

Here’s my dance prayer for you! 

Oh My! It’s Thanksgiving week! Extended family arrived last night, or shall I say this morning at 2 AM. They drove in from Santa Rosa. I got up early, had my expresso and slipped out to dance Zumba Toning! Yeah! start my week off IN MY BODY! 

My dance prayer for you is when you find yourself overwhelmed, or swept up with the Holiday madness, is to sink into your breath.

Let the whirlwind roll off your shoulders, off your back, onto the ground. Dance. Shake, Rattle and roll the madness into the earth with your feet.

Let the pitter patter of your feet match the rhythm of your heart beat. Boom! Boom!

Then shake it off! Shake your head, shake your shoulders, shake your tail, shake your feet and hands. 

Point your chin up to the sky, stretch your neck up to the sky, lift your chest up and your butt out.  Reach out your arms and flap your arms like a happy goose going south. Yep, where it’s warm and sunny! So happy to be alive!

Rock your hips slowly. Shift your weight slowly with soft feet. Soft ankles. Soft knees and soft swaying hips.

Find your breath. Inhale Gratitude for being ahh live! Exhale nervous excitement as a give-a-way prayer!

Carola says Howdy

Thank you for connecting! See you next Monday!

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