Revive Your Feminine Juiciness! Coming Soon Portland! Women Only

With my Divine Sisters, I Remember my Innocence.
With my Divine Sisters, I Renew my Radiance.
With my Divine Sisters, I Replenish my Succulence.


Do you crave Connection with Sisterhood?
Do you dream to AWAKEN your Joy?
Do you yearn to Re-Member your Lusciousness?

In circle we Revive our Feminine Juiciness.
In movement, we replenish our flowing, fluid, frisky nature.
In ritual we cast a spell of feminine enchantment
that we can access anytime with intention .
What’s needed is YOU.
Your presence. Simply YOU.
I’m honored to serve my sisters. I’m honored to serve YOU.

Why join me?


Juicy details:
I’ve been revelling and rousing the Feminine Spirit Consciously since my first Wild Woman Gathering in 1991. Since then it’s been my personal and professional journey to unleash our innate Wild Woman through movement, sensuality, and group therapy. Presently I’m conjuring the Wise Woman archetypes of Full Body Laughter and Mirth so we can ReVive Our Feminine Juiciness!
Gritty Details:
I am published author of Sensual Eating and Sacred Dance. With a B.S. in Nutrition and M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology I’ve practiced as a therapist for over 30 years. Cofounder of Body Choir Ecstatic Dance-1994. Currently, I focus on Relationship and Intimacy Coaching. I write and facilitate Dance.

Private Studio-Registration Required for Location Info.

WEAR comfortable clothes to move unabashedly.
Water bottle filled with water.
A journal and pen.
An Altar item that represents your JUICY Feminine Spirit.
Willingness to awaken pleasure and joy!
Cost $35.00 Sliding scale.*
*Contact me about work/exchange if needed.
I want YOU to join us.
512-925-0625 Text or PM me.

What participants are saying!

“I felt like I belonged with women of all ages in a safe container so I could explore feminine sensuality.”

“I broke a huge unspoken wall within myself and within sisterhood through the use of touch in a sacred container.”

“I discovered my juiciness by allowing my own intimate & vulnerable body rhythm to be seen, heard, felt & graciously received!”

“The culmination of our embodied experience and self discovery deeply validated me as a juicy woman.”

“Thank you for a great playful wall-dissolving ritual! I can feel myself forever changed!”

“I was able to be intimate, relishing and frolicking and connecting like never before because I could trust everyone present. “

“I got to safely push my cultural boundaries and limits and felt soooOOO liberated.”


Pay here 

What to anticipate:
7:30 Arrive to the studio. Arrive in your body.  Arrive with those around you.
7:45 Opening Circle Guided Enchantment
8-9 ish Inside and Outside Movement Journey ReVive Juicy Feminine
9ish -9:20 Replenish and Rejuvenate Closure
9:20-9:30 Yummm Farewells


4 Replies to “Revive Your Feminine Juiciness! Coming Soon Portland! Women Only”

      1. I’ve spent 25 years in the military and raised three sons on my own, raised by my dad… thought I didn’t have a feminine side, wild woman helped me get in touch with feminine energy I could relate to


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