May the dance floor lead the way

I love how fresh and raw this author describes how dance sets her free!

Free Soul

Dance open

In my quest to find some relief from a major depressive disorder that by all accounts actually predates my puberty, I decided to search through my memories for those moments of blissful timelessness; those moments when you are so happy, time becomes irrelevant. As I searched my memory, I found that the richest, happiest years of my life had some sort of steady dancing going on. Ballroom dance, dancing in the club, it doesn’t seem to matter the venue or genre, I have discovered I am happiest when I dance.

I love to dance. As a young girl, I used to break dance with all of the boys in the neighborhood. We used an old broken down box in the grass as our stage. I have always loved to dance. In my teenaged years, I loved going to school dances and under 21 clubs. In my young adult years, I…

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