In2it! We’re having a LAUNCH PARTY! Sat. Oct 7th! YOU are invited!

In2it! Into IT. Intuit. LAUNCH Party!
Come Co-Create a Sacred Playground. Remember jumping up and down screaming Pick ME! My Turn!
TAG! YOU’RE IT! Where Ecstatic Dance and Psychodrama converge.

carola marashi original art
In2it! by Carola Marashi Original Art
I WANT YOU to come play with me and 
Co-Create a Sacred Playground!!!

Hosted by The Incredible---Jackie Paris! 

Remember being sooo 
Vulnerable and Courageous at the same time?

Remember jumping up and down screaming
Pick ME! My Turn!?

We each get to take a turn.
We each get to be the Star.
We play fair.
It’s all about going In2it!
It-Your biggest dream or biggest nightmare.
It-Your heart, soul, mind/body.

WE ARE Creating a Sacred Playground with REAL playmates.

Really: We’ll set the stage (Boundaries of Playground)
Someone steps In2it! to receive a ‘live’ reading with In2it! cards
Receiver picks playmates to enact the In2it! Reading.
Directed by me unabashedly!
Take Turns. Play Fair. We all get to be the Star.

In2it! Deck is 22 Cards Sparking Your Intuition.
My original art (therapy) divided into 4 Spheres of Intuition.
Go In2it! and discover a Sacred Playground TAG YOU ARE IT!

Throughout the night you can get a Personal readings. Stay tuned to announce readers!
This is a LAUNCHING party. Donations Graciously
Received to LAUNCH the AWESOME production of Decks and Guide.

512-925-0625 for more info


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