I have a Dream! It’s time to love the skin you’re in!


I want YOU to be a part of MY DREAM!



I have a gift for YOU! I have 3 BodyLove Keys to Unlock Your Inner BodyLove Voice.

I’m writing you because You matter. You are apart of MY DREAM. That everyone deserves to love the body they are in.

You are not alone.


Before I give you 3 keys to Unlock Your Inner BodyLove Voice!

I’m gonna say it. I’m going against the flow here. I AM disrupting your reality.

Below is my RANT!

If you want to skip it-scroll midway to your FREE GIFT of 3 keys to Unlock Your Inner BodyLove Voice!

I’m upset. My ground is shaking. I’m digging in my heels.

Here goes.

In 2017- 2 of my biggest nightmares came true.I have a dream 2018

1-My beloved said to me-directly- “I‘m freaking out that you’ve gained weight.”

2-My president really did say when he sees a beautiful woman he feels he can “grab them by the pussy”.

But really, the craziest thing is I’m evolving in spite of them. I refuse to see me through their eyes. Minutes after my beloved said he’s grieving the loss of my firm hips and sharp bony shoulder blades, I looked in the mirror and smiled at my self-reflection of a softer woman. I see wisdom coming out and facing me. I gently poked my soft hips with my finger and laughed as my finger disappeared into folds of my flesh. Soft is strong. Soft is flexible. Soft is damn honest. I can handle my strength, flexibility and honesty now. Thank you.

Yes. Everyday I hear my inner voice criticize my body.

The voice doesn’t stop.

I wake up in the middle of the night and walk to the bathroom naked. My hands stroke the side of my jiggly hips. Even though I’m barely awake, I hear grumblings of…

“Ugh, I’m fat. I need to fast for the next three days. I can burn more…I can lift more…what? Wait! I like my soft curves. I like my easy going laugh. I like that I take up space. I’m not starving myself. I’m not out of control. I’m okay being seen full size.”

Every night, this is my inner dialogue with myself.

This inner dialogue that I have every night, every time I look in the mirror, every time I have sex doesn’t grab me by my throat and drag me down like it used to. All the ‘me too’ is shining a light on my dark body shame. I knew I couldn’t keep up the race to lose weight and have an intimate relationship.

My ‘true love’ for a perfect body wouldn’t let me be still, be quiet, be attentive to my partner, or to myself. Inside I was angry, afraid, and consumed with “I’ll be thinner tomorrow…I’ll swim 2 more laps, I’ll go dancing again tonite, after I ride my bike for an hour up more hills without changing gears…”

Now that I have a president shouting for the world to hear statements that I was too ashamed to whisper to my therapist, I’m determined to NOT feed that monster. I’m fully committed to become what he’s NOT. I’m falling in love with myself.

images-21You’re almost there-to get your GIFT of 3 keys to Unlock Your Inner BodyLove Voice!

I’m not alone.

Did you know that the average woman weighs 140 pounds not 110#.

And even more unbelievable is that the average dress size for women is size 14, not size 7-8. Plus she’s 5’3”short, not 5’6” tall.

You can see why the ‘average’ woman thinks she’s not shaped right. According to University of Texas study, men are joining us sisters in body image distortion. UT found that 45% of men are dissatisfied with their physiques. 9 out of 10 women don’t accept their bodies.

DAMMIT! That means right now your sister, mother, aunt, neighbor & girl friend-doesn’t smile back at herself when she looks in the mirror.

That makes me angry. Underneath the anger I’m sad.

You’re not alone.

If the average person is dissatisfied with their body image, who gains? By golly George! The 80 BILLION dollar diet industry. Wait, that doesn’t include the beauty industry and the fitness industry.images-19

Who gains here isn’t the average Joe or Jane. Sadly who loses sleep, loses self-esteem, who loses feeling loved and adored? Who loses? Me, you, your brother, sister, Aunt, cousin and nearest neighbor. Yeah, this is a national obsession. Really? A National Obsession of Self-Hate? Noooo…

I’m pissed off. Even though I boycott looking at magazines because I feel fat and ugly when I see the models, I continue to feel fat. Even though I refuse to weigh myself on the scales, I am heavier than I think I should. I did join a gym this week. I love moving my body. I love a good sweat. I love feeling alive. I don’t like chasing a goal I’ll never reach. I will never be size 6 and be healthy. I can do it by starving and working out 3 hours a day. To me, healthy means being comfortable in my own skin. Healthy means looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a whole person, not just tits and ass.

Right now we have a President’s wife that looks practically anorexic. We have a First Lady with a husband that is misogynistic. When I see him, hear him, my skin crawls, my heart races, and I can barely breathe.

What happens when our President is a misogynistic MF?

The strangest thing is happening. I’m seeing myself defend me, my sisterhood, and defend femininity. My inner advocate is growing an adult voice with authority.

images-6When I look in the mirror, I’m beginning to like my reflection.

When I see my President, I see a boy, not a man. While he’s displaying my worst inner demon, I’m rapidly evolving into a compassionate human.

WHEW! You’ve read this far.

Remember I said-If you’ve read this far-here’s a GIFT! You can have in the palm of your hand. Right now!

(At the end I have my offer of how and when and where to plunge into BodyLove!)

imagesOpen your left hand. I’ve just placed 3 keys in the palm of your hand.

3 keys to Unlock Your Inner BodyLove Voice!

1-Take a moment and stretch your arms out wide. Take a deep breath in and wrap your arms around you and squeeze. It takes courage to love. And loving yourself is the bravest and most important act you can do to creating a better world for all of us!

2-If you can find some privacy, say OUT LOUD “I’m beginning to see beauty when I look in the mirror.” If you’re in a public place, then get a journal, and write it down in all CAPITOL letters


Why all capitols? Because I want you to SHOUT! LOUD! Because before now, your inner critic was louder, right?

3-Now if you can, actually look in the mirror. A full length mirror. Stand in front of it and gaze at yourself with soft eyes with a fuzzy focus. All of you- from head to toe. When you focus, and you know when you focus, you see body parts-triceps, thighs, dimpled flesh. Blink your eyes 3X. With a soft gaze be willing to see beauty reflect back at you. Spread your arms wide. Reach out both directions. Then reach up to the sky. Push your arms out and up, pushing away false beliefs. Make LARGE motions and fully inhabit all of you. YES! You take up space. YES! You make big sound! YES! Your heart beats STRONG! Yes! Your lungs breathe DEEP! And smile! You’re changing your world one gaze at a time!

wp-1475875602668.jpegAll of you is OKAY. Your neck is okay. Your arms are okay. Your belly is okay. Your legs are okay. Your butt is okay. Your feet are okay. Each and every part of you deserves to be appreciated, valued, seen, and heard!

Life’s too short to wait until I lose 8 pounds to wear a pair of shorts. Or wait until next summer to wear sleeveless tops when it’s hot outside.

Now you have your GIFT: 3 keys to Unlock Your Inner BodyLove Voice!

SHOUT! In2it! Card 1BYes YOU Can Love Your Body! In fact, right now you ARE falling in love with falling in love with your body.

Rub your hands together and create heat between your palms. Now, gently place your hands around your neck and gently massage your throat and neck. While you’re at it, rub your scalp and forehead. Softly tap your head and enjoy the feeling of loving yourself right now.

Are you ready to PLUNGE into BodyLove for 5 Full Weeks?

Imagine 5 Weeks from now Really Enjoying Your Body from Head to Toe. Inside and out! It’s time to love the skin you’re in!

greeen goddess imageA


Preview of Body Love Sessions

Week 1:  Mirror Mirror Inner-Sense

Week 2:  Closet Cleanse and Mind Cleanse

Week 3:  Move In2it! Mantras & Meditation

Week 4:  Meet Your Inner Artist-Self Portrait

Last Week: Graduation Ceremony: BodyLove Excursions-Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Your sessions are 90 minutes 1 on 1 private on the phone-in the comfort of your own private space.

Spread the Love! Body Love!

Please Share this FREE GIFT!

3 keys to Unlock Your Inner BodyLove Voice!

Remember You’re not alone-9 out of 10 women don’t love their bodies.

Here’s what M.G. Says after 5 weeks of Body Love Sessions

“I love most that I’m whole and not a conglomeration of parts — of which I actually like and many that I used to downright hate. I’m a lovely whole and I can see that everyday now.”

BodyLove Sessions help you embrace your unique body shape, size, and inherent beauty. Within a few sessions you will cultivate acceptance over tolerance, compassion over criticism, and be-friend your your mirror reflection.

P.A. says “

“I am now able to look in the mirror and actually feel love for my body and appreciation for how I look NOW even though my body has not changed a bit.”

I follow your pace, and it’s very private.

BodyLove Sessions Include

Guided Self-Reflections
Personal Body Love Excursions
Body Love Coaching

$90 per session or 5 Sessions paid in advance $399.

I personally guarantee you will fall in love with falling in love with your body.


Swan Dive Plunge! Head First!

Swan Dive Plunge is 5 Private Body Love Sessions $450

Each Session is 90 minutes.


$399 for 5 Sessions paid in advance.

Call me and we’ll schedule YOUR Personal and Private Sessions right away.

Call NOW to Reserve your spot!

Do you have questions? I’m all ears! Call me or Personal Message me at  512-925-0625

 Click here

Donate securely using Paypal - no membership required You can pay through pay pal.

This WEEK MLK I have a DREAM Special-

I have a dream 20185 Week BodyLove Sessions Paid in Advance before Jan 19th 11:11 PM

Donate securely using Paypal - no membership required You can pay through pay pal.

$350 Wow! $100 Savings.

Donate securely using Paypal - no membership required You can pay through pay pal.

$350 Wow! $100 Savings.


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