Unleash Your Tongue.Heart Whisper Word-Smithing.

Do you sometimes find yourself  crafting words differently than the Common Dictionary? Although some would say I 'cheat' at Scrabble, I consider myself extra creative with words. Even today, I spent over an hour perusing a thesarus to build my vocabulary. Here's some words that I used today in a Heart Whisperer session.  It's as if... Continue Reading →

Until now, I imagined you to be made out of cold metal. I demanded you to never waiver and be heavy like a ship’s anchor to hold me still...

In the meantime…

Today's Shedding Skin Writing Practice gave me a lift: In the meantime I look up. Lifting my eyelids is like lifting heavy weights. To keep from looking down, I’m determined to direct my attention.

“Stop Pushing Against Me.”

“Stop pushing against me.” She said. You’d think she’d say it louder with more force. Yet in her quiet, I felt strength and determination. A simple clear demand. She barely faced her palm up at me and gestured STOP. I got it. And just as silent, I took one small step backward. I landed on... Continue Reading →

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