I belong Here.

I belong here. I. Belong. Wherever I am.

Wherever I am, I belong.

No one can give or take away my belonging.

I belong in my body. My body belongs here. Sigh. I want to take this in a little deeper. Sure. I’m aware when I feel unwelcome. I don’t want to be ‘there’. I am always welcome here. I am always welcome here.

My body houses my welcome mat. My feet. My hands. My heart. I am welcome here. Thank you Father Sky. Thank you Mother Earth. I am welcome here. I tap my chest with the palm of my hand. I am welcome here. Right here. This feeling of belonging is sinking into my chest. I open my arms out and wrap them around my shoulders and squeeze. I am welcome here.

Echo. Echo. I am welcome here.

Echo. Echo. You are welcome here.

I just received a text from Evan, my beloved. “I’m thinking of you.”


My attention follows the signs that echo I am welcome.

The branches outside my window reach up to the sky singing opera. I am welcome here.

My welcome mat has a big bumblebee striped yellow and black with its nose buried inside a sunflower. All you can see is the happy butt of the bumblebee. I am welcome here. Face buried in ecstasy. Digging in love. The flower loving the bee.

I am welcome here. Facing welcome. Embracing welcome. Receiving welcome. Open. Engaged.

I roll out the welcome mat after shaking off the dust. Fresh welcome. Yes. Now. I am welcome. I have arrived. Ready.

I rub my palms together. I generate excitement. Rubbing out doubt. Rubbing in welcome.

I am here.

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