Health Professionals-Spring Psychedelic Integration Mentor Circle 5 Week Series

Special Mentorship for Health Professionals!

Therapists, Naturopaths, Body Workers, Nurse Practitioners,Nutritionists, Plant Medicine-Intuitive Healers

We heard your request.

You are on the front lines of discovery. The fastest growth is on the edge. Many of your prospective clients are asking about psychedelic assisted therapy.

This mentor circle supports your practice and strengthens your integrity and without compromising your professional ethics.

Our 5 week series is both experiential and instructional designed to ENCHANT EMBRACE EXPRESS Your Unique Psychedelic Integration Service.

This Health Professionals 5 week series is both experiential and instructional designed to develop professional ethics, integrity, knowledge and experience within the psychedelic therapy renaissance.

Our Spring 5 week series will focus is on ‘how to’ integrate these extraordinary states of consciousness using Psychodrama conscious movement, mudras & rhythms.

The structure of Psychodrama powerfully mirrors the psychedelic experience.

Movement, breath, and sound soften defenses and core beliefs.

Enchantment, guided interplay and spontaneity weave elements

of the psychedelic experience to enrich our daily life.  

This is our last 5 WEEK series until Fall 2020. Included in this 5 week series is Personal Private Individual Sessions with Jennifer and with Carola.

When: April 25-May 23

Saturdays 9:30-11:30 AM 

About Carola Marashi M.A.

Integration Therapist

Is a Psychedelic Integration Therapist with a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and over 30 years professional experience. She’s mentored hundreds to facilitate ecstatic states of consciousness for self discovery. Using Psychodrama, Movement, Art and Shedding Skin Writing Practices she melts fear and resistance for rapid evolution. Currently she microdoses psychedelics for managing depression and PTSD and a practicing Psychonaut since the age of 13.

About Jennifer Beaman:

Psychedelic Sunlight 

Certified Transformational Recovery & Psychospiritual Integration Coach who loves helping others explore and expand through compassionate inquiry. For over 10 years she has cultivated immense gratitude for plant medicine teachers as tools for connection, growth, and healing. Also using light as a portal to altered states, Jen offers a revolutionary approach to preparation, navigation, and integration through Psychedelic Sunlight/Lucia3.

Location for 5 week Mentor Circle

DanceMode Movement Studios

232 SE Oak St, #404 Portland, Oregon 97214

Please Register- to get door entry code #

512-925-0625 is Carola’s Text

Fee: $550 **for 5 week series and 1 Private Session Jennifer and Carola Individually valued at $212.00

**Student Discounts available

or email me

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