Microdosing Notes-Enchant, Embrace, Evolve during the Covid-19, 2020

Notes on Microdosing…
seducing the subtle:
I continue to be humbled and in awe of the vulnerability and risks we take to evolve. I notice when I open up I often feel doubt and contract. Lately, though I feel free to ask questions & roll something by someone. I’m staying in touch.

Shedding Skin writing practice really helps integration-by slowing down the mind and letting it wander and day dream awake. My client began shedding skin writing practice when she started micro-dosing to help her seduce the subtle. The practice of writing slows the mind down to help us lay down our scattered thoughts and create new pathways, new patterns to ‘make meaning’ and conjure understanding.

Micro-dosing helps us unwind, lift our head, tilt our gaze. That also opens stuffed emotions and sets them free.

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