Microdosing Psychedelics. The Basics…

Microdosing psilocybin and LSD is generally 1/10th to 3/10ths of a ‘usual’ dose. That is a ‘smidge’. Basically-if you can feel it, take 1/2 that dose next time. If you want to ‘feel’ the medicine-it’s NOT microdosing. Be clear with your intention. Microdosing is Seducing the Subtle.

Honestly, you can microdose and ‘go to work’. Really. Seriously.

“If it’s so micro-why bother?” It’s about creating new brain pathways. The latest brain science says we can still build new brain chemistry. That’s why! If you feel stuck in a mental rut; if you keep telling yourself the same narrative that pulls you down; if you desire to shift perspective or face yourself clearly-microdosing can help you move, shift, EVOLVE.

Here’s an extensive description of microdosing.

by By Mihaela Dimitrova, B.Sc.Reviewed by Dr. Mary Cooke, Ph.

  • Microdosing involves the administration of a dose of psychedelic drugs that is below the perceptual threshold. This means that it does not in any way interfere with the normal functioning of the individual. The microdose is generally defined as one-tenth to one-twentieth of a normal recreational dose.
  • The procedure of psychedelic microdosing requires multiple dosing sessions.
  • The procedure aims to improve well-being and enhance emotional and/or cognitive processes such as focus, memory and boost physical energy levels.

What does microdosing involve?

When people microdose, they normally consume about a tenth of a recreational dose of a psychedelic substance, although doses vary between people. The dose is sub-hallucinogenic; people who microdose aren’t “tripping.” Microdosers go about their daily lives, many taking care of children or working in offices, expecting a little boost.

The Science Behind Microdosing

Psychedelics have the power to change the physical structure of the brain. On a normal day, the brain has thoughts and carries out processes by firing electrical signals along neural pathways called “synapses.”

Current Research shows

“…the antidepressant effects of DMT and other psychedelics stem from their ability to increase neuroplasticity. Indeed, his work has shown that psychedelics — including LSD and DMT — promote the formation of new neural connections, or synapses.”

Rats! yeah microdosing animals concur

 “This is the first time anyone has demonstrated in animals that psychedelic microdosing might actually have some beneficial effects, particularly for depression or anxiety. It’s exciting, but the potentially adverse changes in neuronal structure and metabolism that we observe emphasize the need for additional studies.”

This is a brief overview of current articles on microdosing.

My ‘microdose’ sessions involve a specific protocol of dosage and frequency. The sessions provide you with guideposts when you are navigating sub-perceptual and determining your amount and frequency.

From my professional experience with clients over this past year, I discovered that 3 sessions scheduled weekly or every other week gives necessary feedback for seducing the subtle impact of micro-dosing.
Please understand that my service to humanity is providing guidance 
in psychedelic therapy.  We are not a dispensary.

Here’s one client’s description after several weeks of microdosing:

I’ve used 1/16 teaspoon before dinner. One time I used close to 1/8 and had the color enhancement experience, so I stay under 1/16. I tried dosing in the morning one week, but couldn’t focus in the same way when working with students. I’ve generally dosed 4 days and then take 2 or 3 days off.

I usually experience a sort of slowing down or relaxing and then a better focus. The focus isn’t just head focus, but feeling more integrated.
My dreams have been more clear and easier to remember. There has been a pattern of seeing people I know, mostly people I’ve worked with, friends and family members, some of whom have passed away.

Please feel free to contact me directly for more information or to schedule a conversation about how microdosing can benefit you.


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