Personal Psychedelic Vision Quest-Now is the time.

“The Church says: The body is a sin.

Science says: The body is a machine.

Advertising says: The body is a business.

The Body says: I am a fiesta.” – Eduardo Galeano

“If only we can bring the wisdom of the body to consciousness, spirit will no longer be homesick for home.” – Marion Woodman

Not so long ago, in the Fall and Winter Seasons, our long nights were spent huddled together. The acts of sifting, spinning and stitching together our life stories enchant our imagination. Human evolution depends on Integration of Self and Other, Nature and Nurture, Human and Divine. Participating in a Personal Psychedelic Vision Quest is how I am Facing Fall and Winter Season during a presidential election and global pandemic. Plant medicine, inside ritual, helps me see through the veil of disrupt and disturbance.

Right now for many of us, as the night time is lengthening–our available funds are dwindling. Facing Fall and Winter- we see our structures that held us ‘together’ like health and wealth routines have disintegrated. As a nation, our core belief in moral dignity and our core value of integrity is being challenged. Now we are blurring the lines between pandemic and politic, between external and internal authority, between religious miracles and spiritual magic. NOW is the time to remember our rituals, ceremonies, and rites of passage. These conscious acts help us ground and center, thus evolve. NOW is an ideal time to embark on a Personal Psychedelic Vision Quest.

Since we’re practicing the ‘safe at home’ pandemic lifestyle, now is a good time to Vision Quest. While we declare our voices and choices, we ‘cross the line’ and explore outside the box. As you examine our personal impact on the planet, a psychedelic journey re-defines “Home”.

Snail HomeThe shell is attached to the snail, and grows along with the snail in a spiral shape. A snail can’t crawl out of its shell.

The forest gifted me this snail shell. Safely tucked in the palm of my hand, I saw how the snail is always at home. Psychedelic Integration is helping me identify what is “safe at home”- inside my skin, inside my head, inside my heart, inside the core of me. I see the snail’s home is a spiral.

Outside, I felt nestled inside nature. I was held by the universe.

Psychedelic Vision Quest is a solo journey in your “safe space”. I borrow the name Vision Quest from Native American and Author Jamie Sams. Her description : “The Vision Quest is one of the oldest tools used by Tribal People to seek direction…of your place or pathway in the world. The goal is to reach that place of inner-serenity so that the inner-world is equal to the outer world. When the two worlds are one, we become the living dream.”

Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind, introduced me to the terms “set, setting and intention” as a sacred trio in regards to Psychedelic Integration. Set, Setting and Intention became a magic carpet woven from my reclaimed core beliefs and values. I now use a psychedelic framework to enchant the magic alive in me since early childhood. My third act in life is finally making sense.

Your Personal Psychedelic Vision Quest is Safe at Home

My magic carpet, where I took flight on my psychedelic Vision Quest.


we Build a Psychedelic Container of Safety

to Journey OUTSIDE the BOX,

OUT on a LIMB, 

INSIDE an ExtraOrdinary SPACE

of Self-Discovery


Your Psychedelic Vision Quest includes Preparation, Journey and Integration Sessions.

Preparation establishes your set, setting and intention. Once you schedule the date, time, location of your journey the specifics of your journey will emerge. The sessions are designed to ensure a safe, harm free, and enchanting psychedelic journey. Integration sessions involve shedding skin writing practice, psychodramatic directives and prompts to make meaning of your psychedelic vision quest.

Psychedelic Vision Quest Package $333-$555 Sliding Scale

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