Magic Carpet

My Magic Carpet for my Solo Psychedelic Vision Quest

Literally I grabbed an old solid sheet and wrote down my core values and beliefs with a sharpie. I wrote my mantras down. Lyrics to songs that held me as a child. Ooh ooh child things are gonna get easier…la lah la. With my writing utensil in my hand, I held my magic wand. Writing on the sheet was me casting spells to enchant me and sweep me off my feet.

Begin by holding a heavy dark sharpie and make a gigantic circle to the furthest edge of your sheet. Now you have cast a circle. Stand in the middle of the circle and locate cardinal directions. South. West. North. East.

Facing South- Put a gigantic I. Innocence near the top edge of your circle.


Facing South is Innocence

Close your eyes and let your mind chase clouds, meander, lollygag, day dream. Then allow yourself to see what image best describes innocence. Flying a kite? Chasing rainbows, Splashing in puddles? Catching fireflies? Floating? I drew an image of a butterfly. Cartoon-gesture-enough to spark my imagination.


Pointing West-Put a gigantic D-Discern near the top edge of your circle.

Facing West in Discernment

Core beliefs. What I stand for. Non-negotiable.

Clap your hands three times. Stomp your feet and march OUTSIDE the circle. Now you’ve crossed a line!
Stare at that line. Yep. Doing psychedelics might be breaking a law. Ponder that. Rules are made for people. Not people made for rules. Let that sit on your shoulders. What rules do you live by?
My mantra: A grip is with soft empty hands. My bones carry me, not my muscles. Structure holds me so I don’t have to hold onto structure. Those are a few to inspire you. Your core beliefs will carry you during your journey.


Pointing North-Put a gigantic R. Respond-Able to Respond near the top edge of your circle.

Facing North in Responsibility

Able to respond. Flexible is strength. Freedom and responsibility need each other. Holding on to letting go. Before you cast spells, shake. Shiver. Quake. Quiver. Let your tongue hang out and wag your tail. Now write that shit down!


Pointing East-Put a gigantic S-Service near the top edge of your circle.

Facing East is Service

Service. We are naturally generous with what we have in abundance. Our quirk is our gift to the world. We do live outside the box-and there’s a bigger circle holding us. Out on a limb is nestled in a grove. We’re here on this planet to share, exchange and connect. Our presence is the gift.

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