With over 9 months of Self Isolation, Shelter In Place, Covid 19 Pandemic I have a special offering. Shedding Skin Writing Practice 2 Sessions for One. Yes. You receive 2 Sessions for $45 Total. What would your life look like at this stage in your life? With an empty stage full of possibility? With you stepping Front and Center of your stage with the microphone and limelight? Gift yourself and humanity is served!

As a mover and shaker, it can feel like a wrestling match with myself to sit still long enough to listen to what is rolling around inside of me trying to find the ‘right spot’. The Orphan Archetype that includes the Outcast-Black Sheep and Misfit has been shamed for as long as humans congregated. The right spot-is on the page. It’s within my fingertips and tucked under my tongue. Shedding Skin Writing began over 13 years ago from writing several times a week with a friend. We briefly check in with each other. After we take turns checking in, we select the writing prompt that has the most ‘rub’. We began with 7 to 10 minutes timed ‘free write’ following the prompt. Now she and I are currently are at 21 minutes of timed writing. A writing prompt is always fresh from our check in. A Shedding Skin Writing Prompt could look like… “I get to…”, “I’m not done with…” “The truth is…”

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