Feb 2nd Imbolc, Quickening, Ground Hog’s day…FREE GATHERING 7PM

Every year around this time I get stirred up and a wee bit squirmy inside my skin. It’s almost like I’m thawing out willing to look up and around me.

This year I’m scratching that itch to do something ‘different’. I’m hosting a gathering I’d like to attend.

FREE Meet and Mingle Psychedelic Integration Circle

We’ll gather at 7PM on Zoom. Confidential. Intimate. Contact me directly for zoom link. Carolamarashi@gmail.com

Unmasked so we can see each other’s faces.

Psychedelic integration is so individual. I appreciate those who’ve been willing to journey this past year. This circle is to meet and mingle with your kindred journey mates. I’ll have some fun directives to enchant us to peek out of our familiar.

We’ll get to see each other. Mingle and Munch too if you like.

I like strong hugs. I like whole body listening.

So we’ll take turns with generous attention.

No agenda here except meeting each other. I’ve been selective with my zoom time especially evenings.
  • We’ll meet for 75 minutes. A Phat hour.
  • Zoom room opens at 7PM and ends at 8:15.
  • We’ll have an opening and closing circle.
  • Please show up on time – you’ll feel held in our co-created kind container.
  • Carolamarashi@gmail.com Email me for zoom link.

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