Shedding Skin Writing Practice-21 Minutes: She didn’t throw me…

She didn’t throw me off my groove this time. I allowed myself to feel her strong current. And she didn’t throw me off my groove. My groove opened a little to accommodate more than one truth. This time her strong feelings didn’t threaten my groove. I felt the challenge. And instead of resisting her strong feelings, I opened to them.

I feel it right now, this current of love. It’s warm with electricity. I feel a tingle on the outer ridge of my ears. My palms twitch. I lick my lips, my mouth is watering. The current of love surges through me. All I can do is open and let the current flow. Now I don’t have to contract or even direct it with fear.

I don’t have to dam up the flow because of fear. I don’t have to block this flow of energy. I’m a hot Italian Mamma that loves to love.

She didn’t throw me off my path this time. I paused and let her pass by me. She rushed so fast that I wobbled from her velocity. My wobble was honest. Yeah, she did move ahead of me. We traded places this time. Instead of me feeling threatened that maybe I did something wrong-I focused on what was right. We were both right and had very different experiences. I widened my groove for both of us. I widened my groove for the current of love to flow through me. I opened. I opened my arms. I opened my heart. I opened my mouth. I opened up to feel. I opened up to serve. I opened up to gush love.

Yeah. I guess love likes to trickle, drip, ooze. I like to gush love.

I like the messy surge that spills over the edges. Yeah. I like to feel the edge, my edge, my precipice, my threshold of my love in my body. I am reflecting on the sensation of edge. The tip of my tongue. The tip of my finger. The edge of my capacity. Before now, when I neared the edge, I felt jerky with fear. I feel fear and excitement racing each other.

Fear and excitement race to see who crosses the line. I can see me cheering at the finish line. Who am I cheering for? Excitement or fear? I’m jumping up and down cheering loudly. Excitement leaps up into my throat and out of my mouth. I’m bellowing with full volume. I’m not holding back my encouragement. I really don’t care who passes the line first. I’m just excited about excitement.

I think excitement is so strong it rolls right over fear and grabs her hand and shouts “I got you! Hold on! We’ll cross together!”

Carola Marashi M.A., Author, Intuitive Counselor, Photo by
Wow. Yeah! I love my excitement!

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