Summer Time Solo Psychedelic Journey

The sun’s crawling higher on the horizon. Our shadow is shrinking. Now is a perfect time to journey within while the sun illuminates our dreams and visions.

When psychedelics are consumed with intention in a setting that’s directing your attention inward, it’s completely different than at a festival or public gathering. Same ingredients with a totally different setting. I think psychedelics are more like a nutritional supplement than a drug or medicine. Especially in the amount of a microdose.

You GET TO face your life in a psychedelic journey-especially within a calm contained environment. Our minds, definitions, and mental constructs are ILLUMINATED. We gain a SHIFT of perspective. Usually subtle. Often with humor and compassion. Without HARM. Without judgement. Unlike ‘prescribed drugs’, psychedelics invite you to PARTICIATE with your depression, anxiety, trauma and find purpose and placement of your life experiences.

Psychedelic Vision Quest is a solo journey in your “safe space”. I borrow the name Vision Quest from Native American and Author Jamie Sams. Her description : “The Vision Quest is one of the oldest tools used by Tribal People to seek direction…of your place or pathway in the world. The goal is to reach that place of inner-serenity so that the inner-world is equal to the outer world. When the two worlds are one, we become the living dream.”

Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind, introduced me to the terms “set, setting and intention” as a sacred trio in regards to Psychedelic Integration. Set, Setting and Intention became a magic carpet woven from my reclaimed core beliefs and values.

Literally I write down on a fabric bed sheet my declarations for my psychedelic journey. Words are spells. My psychedelic journey not only serves me in self-discovery; my journey also serves the evolution of humanity as I share my stories with the world.

Psychedelics are here to open our minds, transform our trauma and triumphs, and reconstruct our core beliefs and values to inform our service to humanity. My life is a ‘trip’ and psychedelics help me make sense of the extraordinary, beyond right and wrong, good and evil, worthy and useless. Binary thinking, like either or, confuse me.

Now I realize that my quirks are my strengths. My extra-ordinary feral childhood has served me to step out on a limb to connect to authenticity and outside the box to touch compassion and acceptance.

Your Personal Psychedelic Vision Quest is Safe at Home


we Build a safe and cozy container

to Journey OUTSIDE the BOX,

OUT on a LIMB, 

INSIDE an ExtraOrdinary SPACE

of Self-Discovery


Your Psychedelic Vision Quest includes Preparation, Journey and Integration Sessions.

My Magic Carpet for my 1st Solo MDMA Journey Outside-Inside Nature (Manzanita Oregon)

Preparation establishes your set, setting and intention. Once you schedule the date, time, location of your journey the specifics of your journey will emerge. The sessions are designed to ensure a safe, harm free, and enchanting psychedelic journey. Integration sessions involve shedding skin writing practice, psychodramatic directives and prompts to make meaning of your psychedelic vision quest.

I have guided probably close to a hundred Psychedelic and MDMA journeys by now. The most common feedback from my clients are that they return from their journey feeling inspired and recharged with insight and meaning. Depression, anxiety, suffering and trauma now make sense. JOY is within reach, literally within the palm of their hand.
Now having a grip is being soft and open.

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