Wow! I have so much clarity facing 2023.
Hears to micro-dosing psychedelics for six and half years.
Yep. Neurogenesis is real.

We’ve been hibernating, discovering more about ourselves, sharpening our tools.

Many of us have been micro-dosing and or taking solo journeys.

NOW is the time to come out! Jump in!

Share your discoveries in Psychodrama

and EVOLVE your Psychedelic Integration Exponentially.

Link for more information about Psychodrama for Psychedelic Integration



on line2X per month Feb, March, April and May

Saturday Mornings

9:30-11:30 Pacific 11:30-1:30 Central

12:30-2:30 Eastern 

FREE introduction


7 week session begins February 11.

Small group limited to 9 participants.  

$600 For 8 sessions. 

1st session February 4th is Free.REGISTER FOR 1ST free FEBRUARY 4TH SESSION HERE

Mark your calendar…

2023 Summer 5 day Psychedelic Retreat Memorial Weekend May 26-30

Zingle is my new word from Maggie! 

Meet. Mingle. Zoom. = Zingle!

Link for free ZINGLES FOR 2023! Feb, March, April


Check in, hear each other’s voice, breath, energy.

Share stories of psychedelic self-discovery.

Conversation about desires and concerns of Microdosing and Journeys.

Sip on a warm and cozy beverage.

Soften our edges by being together. 

You are not alone.

We’ll start and end on time.

This is ONLY for my clients

Click HERE to schedule your 1st Introduction Call

Tuesday Jan 31. 6-7:30 pm Pacific;  8-9:30 Central;  9-10:30 Eastern
Tuesday Feb 7. 6-7:30 pm Pacific;  8-9:30 Central;  9-10:30 Eastern
Tuesday March 7. 6-7:30 pm Pacific;  8-9:30 Central;  9-10:30 Eastern
Tuesday April 4. 6-7:30 pm Pacific;  8-9:30 Central;  9-10:30 Eastern