2023 On-Line psychodrama for psychedelic integration Winter Series Feb-May

Many of us have been micro-dosing and or taking solo journeys. NOW is the time to come out! Jump in! Share your discoveries in Psychodrama and EVOLVE your Psychedelic Integration Exponentially.

We’ve been hibernating, discovering more about ourselves, sharpening our tools.

We’ve been SOLO through this global pandemic. We need each other’s witness to continue to evolve. We need each other’s presence to keep showing up present to face, engage and participate in our lives

Psychedelic is a state of mind, where there’s no problem to solve, nothing broken to fix, nothing stops or goes away. We consume psychedelics to reMember this state of mind. Psychedelics happen outside the box, out on a limb. Beyond ordinary. Psychodrama is a group form to help us bring our self-discovery into a ‘scene’ where we spin stories, shed light, and share in creating a better world.


Where we GET TO

practice ‘Yes; And”

exploring our psychedelic state of mind.

Where we GET TO roam outside the box;

AND crawl out on a limb with playmates to shed light for human evolution.

A core tenet of psychodrama is Moreno’s theory of “spontaneity-creativity”.[4] Moreno believed that the best way for an individual to respond creatively to a situation is through spontaneity, that is, through a readiness to improvise and respond in the moment.[5] By encouraging an individual to address a ‘scene’… in a creative way, …spontaneously and based on impulse, they may begin to discover…new roles…


Saturday morning at 9:30 – 11:30 Pacific

11:30-1:30 Central

12:30 Pm.-2:30 Pm Eastern

2X per month Feb, March, April and May

FREE introduction FEBRUARY 4 .

7 week session begins February 11.

Saturday Mornings

9:30-11:30 Pacific 11:30-1:30 Central 12:30-2:30 Eastern

February 11 & 18 

Saturday March 4 &18

Saturday April 1st & 15 

Saturday May 13.

Small group limited to 9 participants.  

Psychodrama Intensive

$600 For 8 sessions. 

1st session February 4th is Free.


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