FALL 2021 Psychedelic Offerings

My front yard September 28, 2021 ‘Bolete Boulevard’

“If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard.” -Noel Langley, “The Wizard of Oz.’

This mantra continues to hold me while I spin, twist and tantrum

facing the world today.

Limitations feed creativity.

Psychedelics continue to teach me: Face, Engage, and Participate. Simply take the plunge. Live!

While we are still facing the pandemic, I continue to meet with clients on zoom or phone and in person for those who are vaccinated. 

For psychedelic journey guidance I currently offer my psychedelic integration services in a minimum package of 4 sessions.  All can safely occur on zoom or phone.

4 Sessions Package includes:  preparation, set and setting, declaring intentions, journey launch and integration.  Total fee is $488.00 

For those who are vaccinated and desire to meet in person, my home office in Beaverton is open for individual and couples sessions.

When my presence is desired for psychedelic journey assistance, with Covid precautions I will guide and hold space. These sessions require 3 weeks lead time to schedule.

It takes courage to be human right now. Psychedelics teach me that a grip on reality is with soft open palms. Please reach out for a free introductory call to see how I may assist in your human evolution. We’re here for each other.

August 2021 bicycling over the Hudson River.
Psychodrama Intensive August 2021. Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute.

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