I started Microdosing when the Me Too movement came out. My partner suggested Microdosing Psilocybin mushrooms because he saw that I was heading for a dark depression. It was mid October, the sun was already setting early. I probably took more like 1/4 of a gram instead of 1/10th of a gram. And then I pulled back closer to 1/10 of gram. More light came into my eyes and it felt like I had a flashlight that worked while I faced the dark. Yes, I was seeing a therapist who was not familiar with microdosing psychedelics. Being open with her and talking about my process did shed light on how to integrate my experiences being sexually violated in my youth.

I continue to Microdose Psychedelics. I respect James Fadiman who I consider the Grandfather of Microdosing. I personally follow a simpler protocol to track the subtle.

The definition I use for microdosing is that “If you feel it, take half.”

Seduce the Subtle is what Microdosing is all about.

Microdosing psychedelics is about building new neuro pathways. It is about directing your attention toward the openings. Most likely your pupils will dilate; letting more light come in. AND maybe you will see clearer and or breathe a little easier. Often initially the new ways of thinking and choices will be the day after. My protocol is 3 consecutive days of microdosing and then 2 days pause. NOTE. I do not say off and on. It may be the pause days that shed light on your psyche.

I microdose psilocybin and LSD in a tincture and I also microdose with psilocybin powder in a Lemon Tek method.

Why Microdose?

If you are considering tapering off Anti-depressants or Anti-Anxiety medication.

If you’re wanting to ruminate less and build new neuropathways of thinking.

If you want to face, engage and participate MORE in your life.

Why Microdosing may NOT be an option-

If you are continuing Anti-depressants or Anti-Anxiety medication.

If you desire a BIG shift, BreakThrough, or Ego Death.

A description of a client’s first microdose experience “The experience was certainly subtle but very profound. The best thing is, my libido is waking up! After menopause and being on an antidepressant for so long was not good for my libido. Needless to say, my husband is very happy about that. I also had a breakthrough dealing with my stress of being a passenger in a car. I realized that’s all about my trust issues and control. I woke up today feeling happy instead of the feeling of impending dread.”

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