My dance prayer Today March 22nd 2020

Sacred circle dance was FANTASTIC!

Here’s the link to listen to the Ecstatic Dance Set by  Erik Blenders

Ecstatic. Extraordinary State.

Prayer. How humans feel connected to all that is. 

Our oldest form of prayer is

dancing and singing.

Stomping and chanting.

Mumbling grumbling, ranting and raving, making love.

Giving birth. Mourning death. Reaching acceptance.

This new on line zooming thing initially is awkward. Having all you guys to show up for- softened my resistance. I love yall! I finally let some tears fall. My grief has been building like a damn holding up a gushing river. A dear friend passed away last week. And obviously we are all grieving for familiar body connection. Where can I wail loud enough, long enough? I’ll disturb my neighbors. I’ll disturb my partner.

For decades ecstatic dance floor is where I moan, groan, thrash, release loud enough, long enough to get back to a soft center. For moments I got there today. Thank you Bless you. Hug n squeeze you.

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