Oregon’s Appetite for Psilocybin Is Being Fed Outside the Law in the Mushroom Underground

“Three thousand five hundred dollars.

That’s how much it’s going to cost to swallow 4 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and undergo a six-hour therapy session at EPIC Healing Eugene—if and when the clinic gets its license to run a “psilocybin service center” and its owner, Cathy Jonas, gets her facilitator license after undergoing 300 hours of training and passing a state-mandated test.”

If you’ve been following Psychedelic Assisted Therapy in Oregon, you may be surprised to see how much cost is going into being licensed.

“Together, those two licenses will cost her $12,000 a year. On top of that, she must spend thousands on a security system, liability insurance, and a 375-pound safe. All in, Jonas estimates she’ll spend $60,000 to open her service center and, at $3,500 a session, she expects to barely break even. “They have really made this hard,” Jonas, 56, says.”

For now I’m watching how this surge will find balance within the medical model.

I remember attending my first Psychedelic Conference in Portland a few years ago. One of the talks “Birthing and Psychedelics”. The inquiry of how birthing babies became a medical procedure when before that it was natural and at home. Hmmm. Personally I guide psychedelic journeys in people’s homes. Home is where the healing is. And yes, I was homeless as a child. And yes, most of my trauma occurred inside home.

I’d love to hear your insights, concerns, wishes as Psychedelics Spore around the globe.

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  1. I love this and that I’m stumbling upon your readings suddenly!

    I also love how you were there for me with my second birth. 💕

    I just wrote a short analysis for my statistics class last term in a research paper about the midwifery model of care and how midwives could easily be trained to administer psychedelic therapies to people as they are already in a sense doing this work already minus the psychedelics.

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