My Valentines’ Card to Myself: Dearest Valentine, Thank you for sticking with me when part of me checked out. Your courage to love is unstoppable. Your compassion tears through my aloof, cool, detached, wall of defense I put up to protect myself. Thanks for not abandoning me, when I was afraid you would. Thanks for not believing... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Fall 2015! My 'fall' began the last day of August. I literally hit the floor running Monday morning August 31st. I returned from 10 days of Dance Camp NorthWest super excited and inspired. And where I've landed is on my 2 feet as a Teacher. I am humbled to feel the earth below... Continue Reading →

You Know You’re Grown Up When…

Sexy is pausing in conversations and hanging with feeling awkward just a little longer than what's comfortable. You graciously receive compliments simply saying "Thank you". You laugh at yourself out loud several times a day. You see a young woman exuding her raw sexuality and smile silently saying "I had my turn." You choose a... Continue Reading →

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