Umbral Shadow of Fall Equinox

Between New Moon and Fall Equinox   A tall dark silhouette towers over me. I shrink and cower beneath its umbral shadow. As it looms over me, my lungs collapse. My bones shake. I feel weak in my knees and want to throw up. No way can I stand up tall to this overbearing presence.... Continue Reading →


Dance Camp NW Video Interview

"Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul." ~ Martha Graham Here's my Youtube interview at Dance Camp NW

Blueberries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries are swelling and scream EAT ME! Poppies are Exploding! Sunflowers are growing inches every day! If you’re itchin’ to write, focus, dive into your memoir or put a shine on your webpage/blog, NOW is the time!  Let the SunShine IN your heart, mind and soul! Shedding Skin writing practice is the... Continue Reading →

 Word Dancing.  Writing from my soul feels and looks like this! I write from the inside out. Literally. I'm searching for a word and my hands start groping the air. Or I find myself wiggling in my seat or sometimes even standing up with my fingers still on the key board. Words are important to... Continue Reading →

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