PsychoDrama for Psychedelic Integration in a Sacred Playground

In Person Beaverton, Oregon USA. April 26th – May 31, 2022 7-9 PM

Huh? What’s Psychodrama? Sounds psycho.

In Psychodrama, a protagonist is directed to set the stage and choose characters to play out their scene. An engaging, dynamic, fully participatory warm up conjures spontaneity. The telepathy and creative flow generated from the warm up is how the group identifies the protagonist. Within the Psychodrama container, the protagonist’s drama serves the whole group in human evolution.

A core tenet of psychodrama is Moreno’s theory of “spontaneity-creativity”.[4] Moreno believed that the best way for an individual to respond creatively to a situation is through spontaneity, that is, through a readiness to improvise and respond in the moment.[5] By encouraging an individual to address a ‘scene’… in a creative way, …spontaneously and based on impulse, they may begin to discover…new roles…

Psychedelic is a state of mind, where there’s no problem to solve, nothing broken to fix, nothing stops or goes away. We consume psychedelics to reMember this state of mind. Psychedelics happen outside the box, out on a limb. Beyond ordinary. Psychodrama is a group form to help us bring our self-discovery into a ‘scene’ where we spin stories, shed light, and share in creating a better world.

(used as an expression of joy, excitement, celebration, or the like):OMG! Squee! Your new puppy is so cute!
verb (used without object)
to squeal with joy, excitement, etc.: Fangirls squeed as the convention panel guests walked on stage.
Being alive right now, does feel like I’m spinning on a merry-go-round.

We’ve been SOLO through this global pandemic. We need each other’s witness to continue to evolve. We need each other’s presence to keep showing up present to face, engage and participate in our lives.

We’ve been hibernating, discovering more about ourselves, sharpening our tools.

This image is me (left side) alone working on zoom, and then me (right side) with playmates. (our phones are set aside).

Many of us have been micro-dosing and or taking solo journeys. NOW is the time to come out! Jump in! Share your discoveries in Psychodrama and EVOLVE your Psychedelic Integration Exponentially.


6 Weeks Tuesday Eve’s 7-9 PM

April 26th through May 31st

$400 Paypal or $400 Venmo

Week 1: Psychedelic Container and Psychodrama Container for Sacred Playground

Week 2: Intuition feeds spontaneity and creativity. Enchantment.

Week 3: Discernment. Integrity. Emergence. Sparking Magic.

Week 4: Transforming tragedy into comedy.

Week 5: Spinning the tale.

Week 6: Come Out! Come Out! Jump In! Squee!

Limited to 12 Participants.

Registration open. Private conversation with me is required before confirmation of admittance. email or text 512-925-0625.

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