FALL 2021 Psychedelic Offerings

While we are still facing the pandemic, I continue to meet with clients on zoom or phone and in person for those who are vaccinated. It takes courage to be human right now. Psychedelics teach me that a grip on reality is with soft open palms. Please reach out for a free introductory call to see how I may assist in your human evolution. We're here for each other.

My dance prayer Today March 22nd 2020

Sacred circle dance was FANTASTIC! Here's the link to listen to the Ecstatic Dance Set by  Erik Blenders Ecstatic dance is my 35 year psychedelic practice. Ecstatic. Extraordinary State. Prayer. How humans feel connected to all that is.  Our oldest form of prayer is dancing and singing. Stomping and chanting. Mumbling grumbling, ranting and raving, … Continue reading My dance prayer Today March 22nd 2020