Writing as Therapy Sessions Offered

Journal writing can be the bravest thing you can do. Often what’s under our fear is brilliance waiting to be seen and heard, and witnessed by others.

Do you desire to quiet the distracting noise in your head?

Would you like to learn how to become your own best friend?

Are you ready to be courageous?

Writing practice can be-friend your inner monsters. 

Call me. I’m at your fingertips. heart whisperer dictionary

I remember coming home from seeing my therapist and immediately journaling. In session, I shut down. My stomach clenched as my jaws clenched and my fists clenched. I couldn’t come up with words to ‘explain’ my feelings. First I started sketching with my pencil. The scratching noise of the pencil on paper and the black getting darker and darker quieted my mind. Words bubbled up and spilled onto the page. My vision got blurry and I wrote fast so my mind wouldn’t stop my flow. Later the next day I opened my journal and saw my sketches, then I read the words. My eyes got warm and tears welled up as I was filled with self-compassion. I’m so grateful that journaling has become my longest, dearest friend.

What haunts us is what we don’t say. Writing as therapy helps you discover your inner genius by loosening your tongue and following your intuition.

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Call me. I’m at your fingertips. 

I am here to help you trust YOUR intuition.

(512) 925-0625

I’m a phone call away.

Being seen and heard transforms pain into medicine, tragedy into comedy, and death into rebirth.

Speak Your Tongue.

As a published author, I am your writing coach and editor. 

As a trained Transpersonal Therapist, I am your soul advocate and Heart Whisperer.

As a facilitator trainer, I help you move forward and stay focused.

As a mover and shaker of authenticity, I help you unleash your tongue and speak your truth from the inside out.

My Soul purpose is to help others follow their heart, trust their intuition, discover and walk their path.

When I feel heard by someone, it’s like the best hug ever!Spread the LOVE!

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First 10 minutes Free.

I teach what I desire to learn which is how to listen, discern, and respond to intuition. You can Email me for more information- carolamarashi@gmail.com

Want to know more about Carola Marashi?

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