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Many people think of psychedelics as relics from the hippie generation or something taken by ravers and music festival-goers, but they may one day be used to treat disorders ranging from social anxiety to depression, according to research presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association.

“Combined with psychotherapy, some psychedelic drugs like MDMA, psilocybin and ayahuasca may improve symptoms of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder,” said Cristina L. Magalhaes, PhD, of Alliant International University Los Angeles, and co-chair of a symposium on psychedelics and psychotherapy.

Michael Pollen’s book HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND opened my mind to psychedelics, professionally. I did not realize how much I hid my psychedelic experiences. My first Portland Psychedelic Society (PPS) meeting was the first time I spoke publicly about my early psychedelic experiences. Sitting in a crowded room of 25 people in a standard corporate building with fluorescent lighting, my integration bloomed. It was flashbacks of Alateen meetings in the mid 70’s; my first ‘group spiritual’ experiences outside the church context. Age 13, I sat in circle sharing secrets of living in an alcoholic family. Ironically my first PPS meeting, I was 58 years old telling secrets of my early psychedelic experiences-at the age of 13.

Plant medicine demonstrates shocking success with alcoholism, autism, and ‘treatment resistant depression’. Psychedelics meet us when we go outside the box, out on a limb, and trust. Integration is how we find center in the midst of chaos. As adults we know change is our only constant. Integration therapy is the process of honoring our innocence, standing in our integrity, responding over reacting, and knowing our presence is our greatest gift to humanity. We become stronger from conflict when we face our fears, wrestle our monsters, and own our potential. Psychedelics teach us that we are extraordinary beings living an extraordinary life. We come back from our journeys filled with a new perspective. We live in a bubble, not a box. We can roll with what shows up on our stage ready to engage. Psychedelics teach us that inclusivity is so big, it includes exclusivity. Psychedelic integration accepts our humanness with a spark of life. I’m here to Enchant. Embrace. Evolve.

Psychedelic Integration begins with Set, Setting and Intention. We know this. We are crossing a threshold of binary thinking. We are moving beyond right and wrong. Psychedelics teach out how to explore outside the box, and go out on a limb to find our center. Our first psychedelic discovery is how we are all connected. Isolation and alienation are illusions reinforced by social media and our current pandemic. We re-member we are ExtraOrdinary individuals living ordinary lives.

Set, setting and intention place the ‘why’ before what (the ingredients).

Our ancestors consumed ‘spirits’ to pierce the veil and cross the threshold of living and dying. Our ancestors knew that we are part of the whole cosmos. Our ancestors knew that the ‘why’ of consumption influenced the ‘what’ of our consumption.

Taking a trip that is embarking on a journey of self-discovery AND bringing wisdom back home is our service to humanity. During the past 3 years of mentoring Health Professionals in Psychedelic Integration I offer my best practices of seducing the subtle to make sense of our human evolution.

Shedding skin writing practice, psychodrama directives, and sensory guideposts unlock inherent wisdom and understanding.

‘Doing’ psychedelics is not about distracting from ‘reality’. It is about facing reality in a way that helps us show up authentic with discernment-able to respond.

It is the journey, not destination.
I see clients individually in my virtual office.
The freedom and privilege to integrate extraOrdinary states of consciousness begins with agreements. Generally I require 3 session commitment to cultivate trust and safety.

Microdosing Testimonial

…I am moved by some feedback I received today and thought I would share it with you since I believe it is the direct result of the work I have been doing with you and the medicine. This is my 8th quarter teaching with her: “ I wanted to give you feedback on what a fabulous job you did today in class. I was just so impressed with how smoothly the class went today and I think it was largely due to your calm approach.  The pacing was perfect and there was a good amount of time for student questions during and at the end.  I don’t know if you felt rushed but it did not appear so.  I really appreciate the way you engage with students and it appears you look right at them when you speak.  I haven’t figured out how to do that on zoom very effectively but you seemed very relaxed and comfortable with your presentation and it came through.”

registered nurse, instructor

Microdosing Testimonial

“…I’ve used 1/16 teaspoon before dinner. One time I used close to 1/8 and had the color enhancement experience, so I stay under 1/16. I tried dosing in the morning one week, but couldn’t focus in the same way when working with students. I’ve generally dosed 4 days and then take 2 or 3 days off.
I usually experience a sort of slowing down or relaxing and then a better focus. The focus isn’t just head focus, but feeling more integrated.
My dreams have been more clear and easier to remember. There has been a pattern of seeing people I know, mostly people I’ve worked with, friends and family members, some of whom have passed away.”

W.C. Child Development Consultant

We found Carola’s virtual support surprisingly powerful in this time of isolation. She helped us create a safe, playful and meaningful container from which to  journey that delightfully disrupted tired relationship patterns while opening us to  new possibilities. We feel grateful for Carola & would highly recommend her as a supportive co-creator for your journey. -J&J

I would highly recommend that individuals wanting to do this journey have an experienced guide, as I did.Having a guided trip was incredibly important since the medicine was and is incredibly powerful and therapeutic.  Having established open and honest communication, she gave me excellent suggestions to prepare for and helpful descriptions of what to expect.  Carola was there for me in all aspects of the experience, including follow-up.  Using this medicine in a therapeutic model and setting opened doors that enabled me to do some deep personal work about my family of origin.  It was like a reboot of my limbic system which continues to serve me well. 

Retired Registered Nurse

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