My Mom would have been an ideal candidate for microdosing psychedelics. Why? You may wonder? Once she was sober, my Mom was dedicated to being a present human being. She wanted to face reality, not escape. She wanted to engage in health, not be 'fixed or cured. And she wanted to understand and evolve. She died young (age 63) with Congestive Heart Failure, complications from diabetes and multiple heart attacks.

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I believe we were born with a Psychedelic State of Mind and these ingredients helps us REMEMBER our personal Psychedelic State of Mind. I hope that your microdose journey is about tracking YOU, not the ingredient. That's where I probably deviate from James Fadiman. My protocol is about you tracking YOU, your psychedelic state of mind.

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Wow. Talk about shed light! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. At this point I've 'facilitated' over a hundred Psychedelic journeys and this article does echo my concerns. In reflecting on this past 7 years of as a full time practioner of Psychedelic Assisted Therapy, I'm not a sitter, nor a guide. I... Continue Reading →

Our space is wide open to explore and discover together. Come on OUT and meet and greet your fellow courageous souls who explore outside the box and out on a limb to shed light. Psychedelics help us face, engage and participate in BEing human.We need to hear each other's stories to integrate our psychedelic state... Continue Reading →

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