Most of us accept that we have intuition, a sixth sense, an inner knowing that bypasses instinct and intelligence. That’s not what wakes us up at night. The more pressing inquiry is how to access our intuition. Is it a muscle that we can exercise? And if it is, how can we strengthen that muscle?... Continue Reading →

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As a Creative- I’ve gotta put out what I want. As an Entreprenuer- I gotta be the boss I most desire. Seriously, it’s not a lack of ideas, prompts, or even resource. Honestly we lack... FOCUS! HOCUS! 'cuz it's MAGIC when you direct creative minds in one direction.

Between tears and terror I write. Between tears and terror I reach for the sky, bend to the earth. Between tears and terror I chant. Between tears and terror I face the four cardinal directions. Between tears and terror I breathe. Between tears and terror I wail, I thrash, I beg, I pray. Between tears and terror I plead to my innocence " I will not abandon you. I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I believe you."

Until now, I imagined you to be made out of cold metal. I demanded you to never waiver and be heavy like a ship’s anchor to hold me still...

3 Keys to Trusting Your Intuition

Develop a relationship with your body language. Your body never lies. Unfortunately you may have been taught to dull your senses. The good news is that remembering is much easier than learning something new. You are the Top expert of your body. The more you listen, the more you will trust reading your body signals. Seriously, trusting your intuition can save your life, or someone else.

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