Summer Time Solo Psychedelic Journey

The sun’s crawling higher on the horizon. Our shadow is shrinking. Now is a perfect time to journey within while the sun illuminates our dreams and visions. When psychedelics are consumed with intention in a setting that’s directing your attention inward, it’s completely different than at a festival or public gathering. Same ingredients with a totally different setting.

Anti-Depressants and Anxiety Medications and Microdosing Psychedelics

Please be aware that considering psychedelics for self discovery is a GIANT step toward unwrapping, facing, and integrating your emotions, beliefs, and learned responses. Many of my clients have tapered from their anti-depressants and anxiety medications and now practice a regimen of micro-dosing psychedelics.Current research indicates that most anti-depressants and anti-anxiety (SSRI) medications blunt the effects of psychedelics. It takes TIME and INTIMATE self-discovery to face your depression and anxiety. Ideally you would work with another person to help you stay connected, engaged, and supported.