Amanda Gorman Crafts Stunning Poem For The New Year: ‘For Wherever We Come Together, We Will Forever Overcome’ “New Day’s Lyric” May this be the dayWe come together.Mourning, we come to mend,Withered, we come to weather,Torn, we come to tend,Battered, we come to better.Tethered by this year of yearning,We are learningThat though we weren’t ready... Continue Reading →

The drugs seem to act as psychoplastogens—compounds that induce neuroplasticity, allowing the brain to physically rewire itself. Recent studies indicate there may be a two-part system at work here: The drug effect of enhanced plasticity offers the potential for change, while psychotherapy directs that change appropriately. 

Imagine that 1/10 of a gram of magic mushrooms ground up in a powder, literally a pinch!, when consumed can offer the slightest shift of perspective. Instead of drugging themselves, they consume a supplement. The mindset of self discovery rather than treatment sheds light on the resilience and vitality of the individual. Within the psychedelic context we expand the definition of wholeness and what is within our reach. Spirituality and Science intersect and then the human condition can be perceived with reverence and awe.

What's continues in my life is gardening, nurturing the wild life in my yard, deepening my relationships and saying yes to love run through me. Microdosing psychedelics continues to help me focus on the openings...

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