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About Shedding Skin Journal Writing Practice:

shedding skin

Did you know that a snake will die of suffocation if it doesn’t shed its’ complete skin-even the covering of its’ eyes? The snake rubs up against something sharp to begin the shedding process. 

Shedding Skin writing practice scratches off old beliefs that don’t serve you any longer. I offer you a sharp prompt to lead the way to cutting through illusion. Shed light. Shed shame. Shed tears. Shed love. This is your gift of excavating your soul. Reading your writing out loud with witness creates new positive neural pathways. Science and ritual. 

When my words reflect my soul, I vibrate. Literally I feel an inner hum inside me. Maybe it’s a human purr. I actually salivate and my mouth drools!
It is my soul purpose to connect-intimately-inside and outside, verbally and non-verbally, align completely my mind, body, and spirit. No compromise. If depression is a by product of alienation, then Shedding Skin Writing Practice cultivates self-acceptance and develops integration. 

Science shows that writing for self-discovery literally rewires left and brain functions. During this time of self isolation from Covid 19, Shedding Skin Writing Practice cultivates curiosity and calms anxiety from fear and isolation.

nothing haunts us like what we dont sayShedding Skin Journal Writing Practice is writing from the inside-out.
It’s both following your heart and writing with your mind.

It’s listening to your Heart Whisper and your Soul Roar.

Sharing your writing with witness sheds light.
Being heard might feel like healthy skin coming off
and it’s necessary for growth of your soul.
Imagine someone could really hear your soul speak;
And see into your soul.
It’s super simple. In a private session I listen to you, your words, your pause and the breath in your voice. Even on zoom, I listen and observe the subtle for your Shedding Skin Writing Prompt.
I’ll choose a prompt to direct your timed ‘free write’.
You will then read to me aloud what you wrote.

Are you ready to be amazed at the brilliance you uncover?
Your genius is at the tip of your tongue without reaching further than your belly button. 

Life’s to short to hold back your gifts to the world. 


Letting someone help you is sometimes the bravest thing you can do.

Let’s schedule your FREE Introductory session!

Click here to read more about who I am professionally.

As a published author, I am your writing coach and editor.

As a trained Transpersonal Therapist, I am your soul advocate and Heart Whisperer.

As a facilitator trainer, I help you move forward and stay focused.

As a mover and shaker of authenticity, I help you unleash your tongue and speak your truth from the inside out.

As a trained Transpersonal Therapist, I listen with soft ears. My Soul purpose is to help reclaim intuition as the flashlight to our inner guide.

When I feel heard by someone, it’s like the best hug ever!

Being seen and heard transforms pain into medicine, tragedy into comedy, and death into rebirth.

Let’s schedule your FREE Introductory session!


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