Anti-Depressants and Anxiety Medications and Microdosing Psychedelics

Please be aware that considering psychedelics for self discovery is a GIANT step toward unwrapping, facing, and integrating your emotions, beliefs, and learned responses. Many of my clients have tapered from their anti-depressants and anxiety medications and now practice a regimen of micro-dosing psychedelics.Current research indicates that most anti-depressants and anti-anxiety (SSRI) medications blunt the effects of psychedelics. It takes TIME and INTIMATE self-discovery to face your depression and anxiety. Ideally you would work with another person to help you stay connected, engaged, and supported.

Personal Psychedelic Vision Quest-Now is the time.

For many of us, as the nights are extending our funds and distractions are dwindling. The veil between night and day, between pandemic and politic, between external and internal authority, between magic and miracle, and religious and spiritual lines are blurring. In cultures that practice earth spirituality, this time of October-November is a time when those who have died are more accessible. NOW is an ideal time to embark on a Personal Psychedelic Vision Quest.