Music set for Ecstatic Dance for Tribal Joy

Father Sun!
Father Sun!

Oooh how exciting to share my ecstatic dance set!

As the Father Sky Bathes Mother Earth with Air, Fire, Water-I am InSpired to Spin a musical web that’s sticky with Sweat and Tears of Joy. May we all swell and stretch our capacity to give and receive love!


Some featured artists on the playlist are IronikYaima, Delhi 2 Dublin, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Check out more of my Ecstatic Dance mixes on MixCloud for your dancing pleasure!

I feel so honored to facilitate ecstatic dance with all of you. Each dance mix I produce is fresh (not reused or replayed) and oozes my sweat and tears of what it is to be alive. Right now. Right here. Presently I am writing this from Austin Texas. This is where I birthed my first Ecstatic Dance in Austin Texas in 1994. I now feel like a grandmother of Ecstatic Dance since many of the dances I co-birthed (Sante Fe, Ashland, San Francisco) have inspired dances all around the world. body choir 1995 austin texas

What a blessing to have a spiritual practice that shakes my ass, stirs my soul, and allows me to discover new each time what it is to be a pulsing, throbbing, heart expanding human being.

My dance prayer is that every being discovers a ‘place’ to allow themselves to feel whole, alive, and welcomed to be raw, spontaneous, and camp NW touched

Dancing Peace-Carola Lah Lah


Dance Camp NW Video Interview

“Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul.” ~ Martha Graham

Here’s my Youtube interview at Dance Camp NW

To live long enough to feel the pain of time pass.

Carola Marashi M.A. Intuition Counselor

To live long enough to feel the pain of time pass. 

People come and go.
Born and then die.

Right now as I grieve the loss of a dancing brother…
I wonder.
I’ve left behind Austin-my family, my dance, my community.
I moved 2000 miles away.
I see their pictures on FB.
Babies born show how time moves.
Do I move forward?

Shifting sand washes over my toes as I stand on the beach.

I feel a tug on the bottoms of my feet as the water goes back into the ocean.
I stand firm, digging my toes into the sand.
I make a stand.

What moves forward?
What is left behind?
The tide ebbs and flows.
The moon waxes and wanes.

Leave behind.
What does that mean?
It’s what I do, moment to moment.
Leave behind hopes, unmet dreams.
I leave lovers behind.

Dammit. Under my breath.  Regret.
Future didn’t go where I imagined.

What did I vision?
Happily ever after.
And happily ever after didn’t happen.

Mom and Dad didn’t stay together.

I didn’t watch my brothers grow up.
I didn’t become a teacher in a university.

Robert LeachHappily ever after
Didn’t happen with my Austin Ecstatic dance community (Body Choir).
I wanted my dance community to dance under one roof.
I thought I’d live in Austin until I died.

I moved away.
Did I move forward?

A dear friend said to me…
“It takes a decade…Carola, for dreams to come alive.”
I didn’t listen…
I left behind dreams that did not come alive…
Oops. I didn’t have patience to wait a decade.

Moving forward is looking through the BIG windshield.

Not through the small review mirror. 

Big Al

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