LEAP and Linger.My 53rd Birthday Present.  Tandem Paragliding over Southern Oregon Mountains.Linger.Linger is my new friend.  I choose to become very familiar, as intimate as I can with Linger."To be slow in parting"is one definition. My relationship with this word linger stuck to me like 'white on rice' in contact improvisation dance. In my last... Continue Reading →


“Your seeds are going to grow. Just wait and see.” The promise of a 6 year old.

I planted seeds in little black pots 15 days ago. Even while I planted them I could feel doubt leaking through my pores dampening my gloves from the inside.  I kept sighing heavily and under my weighted breath, I mumble to myself "Damn! It takes so much patience handling these delicate tiny seeds!" The gruff... Continue Reading →

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