Naked Under My Skin

At first, I can barely gasp for air. I die. The 'old' life is squeezed out of me. The humble, vulnerable, naked human surrenders. I go from solitude to intimacy. Inside the hug- My heart beats with their heart. And then I have to let go. Present tense pushes out past tense. The smush of body weight against the floor feels like a full body hug.

Love Leaves Me Feeling Naked and Exposed.

No more playing Invisible, Hide 'N' Seek, or Catch Me if You Can!  It takes Courage to Love and right now, my heart is sore.  I'm hitting up against walls, heart walls. I crave intimacy. My defenses crumble. My heart cracks open. Joy and pleasure demand more room in my heart. Love expands me. I … Continue reading Love Leaves Me Feeling Naked and Exposed.