Naked Under My Skin

At first, I can barely gasp for air. I die. The 'old' life is squeezed out of me. The humble, vulnerable, naked human surrenders. I go from solitude to intimacy. Inside the hug- My heart beats with their heart. And then I have to let go. Present tense pushes out past tense. The smush of body weight against the floor feels like a full body hug.

Dance Ecstasy-To Touch or Not To Touch

Poking around with a sharp tool I came across 2 articles I wrote published by Spirituality & Health Magazine on Ecstatic Dance. To Touch or Not to Touch by Carola Marashi First, a little history (or “her-story”): My first “Sweat Your Prayers” dance was in Houston, Texas, in 1989. We danced Gabrielle Roth’s five rhythms … Continue reading Dance Ecstasy-To Touch or Not To Touch

Dance Camp NW Video Interview

"Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul." ~ Martha Graham Here's my Youtube interview at Dance Camp NW

My First Sweat Your Prayers Dance

My First Ecstatic Dance Off I go bicycling downhill all the way to downtown Houston Texas. Mmmm, my favorite part, the museum district next to Hermann park on this balmy spring morning. I’m at home here cruising these densely urban narrow streets on Sunday morning. Old trees, old houses, run down apartment districts with screaming … Continue reading My First Sweat Your Prayers Dance