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Click HERE to schedule a session with me. You can schedule a FREE introductory call. I offer sessions for psychedelic journeys and integration and assist in Microdosing Psychedelics. I believe Psychedelics help shed light and offer a new perspective. 

You can email me a question and skip scheduling your free introduction Carolamarashi@gmail.com

Psychedelic is a state of mind and we consume psychedelics to help us remember. 

   Self discovery is my spiritual practice. I want to face, engage, and participate in my world. The past few years with the Me Too movement, Black Lives Matter, our climate crisis, and global pandemic shake me to my bones. 
    I roam outside the box and stretch my comfort zone, knowing the fastest growth is on the edge. As a mentor, I nudge you off your cliff, applaud your leap, and trust your creative process of messiness and chaos. Writers block, depression, nervous break down, even menopause are opportunities for spiritual growth.

     Evolution disturbs and disrupts.

It’s in the cracks that light comes through. Whatever taps your creativity, unleashes your brilliance, helps you hear your soul’s calling serves humanity and makes our world a better place.
     As a Transpersonal Therapist, I help you melt fear and resistance for rapid evolution. As an Ordained Minister, I understand that being human is a spiritual practice.

As a published author, I advocate speaking your truth.
     I started playing hooky in kindergarten and skipped out of school a lot in my childhood and even dropped out a year of high school.  However I always valued education as a key to freedom. I accomplished a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. I am the author of Sensual Eating and In2it! Trust Your Intuition Deck and Guide, and am the co-founder of Body Choir Community Ecstatic Dance (1994) in Austin, Houston, Sante Fe and Ashland which inspired Ecstatic Dance around the globe.  Let’s have a conversation and trust your intuition. 


Click HERE to schedule a session with me. You can schedule a FREE introductory call. 

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