My Mom would have been an ideal candidate for microdosing psychedelics. Why? You may wonder? Once she was sober, my Mom was dedicated to being a present human being. She wanted to face reality, not escape. She wanted to engage in health, not be 'fixed or cured. And she wanted to understand and evolve. She died young (age 63) with Congestive Heart Failure, complications from diabetes and multiple heart attacks.

"Three thousand five hundred dollars. That’s how much it’s going to cost to swallow 4 grams of psilocybin mushrooms and undergo a six-hour therapy session at EPIC Healing Eugene—if and when the clinic gets its license to run a “psilocybin service center” and its owner, Cathy Jonas, gets her facilitator license after undergoing 300 hours... Continue Reading →

In their double-blind, placebo-controlled study, Mason’s team found that psilocybin increased ratings of spontaneous creative insights while also decreasing deliberate, task-specific creativity. They also found that novel ideas increased 7 days after the psilocybin exposure. Brain imaging supported the behavioral changes in creativity.

I believe we were born with a Psychedelic State of Mind and these ingredients helps us REMEMBER our personal Psychedelic State of Mind. I hope that your microdose journey is about tracking YOU, not the ingredient. That's where I probably deviate from James Fadiman. My protocol is about you tracking YOU, your psychedelic state of mind.

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