My Valentines’ Card to Myself:

I hold...
Dearest Valentine,

Thank you for sticking with me when part of me checked out.
Your courage to love is unstoppable.

Your compassion tears through my aloof, cool, detached, wall of defense I put up to protect myself.

Thanks for not abandoning me, when I was afraid you would.

Thanks for not believing the self-judgment and self-loathing roar that drowns out your wisdom and unconditional love.

Especially thanks for really listening to what’s under my fears- That I’m sensitive, a hopeless romantic and believe in the power of love.

Dearest Valentine,

Will you be mine everyday?
I promise to remember that the little, hungry, neglected kid inside me has a present-responsive-committed adult taking care of her now.

i like who i'm becoming

Love You All Ways,


Honestly, I wouldn’t be here writing a love letter to myself-if I hadn’t had someone hold my heart. I had 12 years of therapy. I had the same therapist for 8 years. I remember her saying to me

“Carola, I want you to experience what it’s like to have someone be steady, solid, and your advocate. Then you’ll know how to be that way with yourself.”

When you need help trusting your intuition and speaking your truth, call me. I am at your fingertips, just a phone call away

(971) 238-6282 .

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