Holding On to Letting Go. Again.


Honor my Mother.

GeorgAnna Musgrove-SmithA dear Girlfriend suggested I Honor the woman who brought me into this world. “For you to receive the abundance that is your birth right, Carola, you have to Honor the woman who brought you here. Then you can receive love from your Sisters, and from Mother Earth.” 

Acknowledging my Mother is like looking in the mirror and accepting what I see. Now at age 53, I’m looking more like my Mom. My laugh is sounding more like hers too.

Currently, I’m teaching a writing workshop called SHEDDING SKIN.  For Writing Practice I decided to write my Mom a letter.

Before Now…

I tolerated her. I didn’t accept her.

I didn’t accept her alcoholism, smoking, obesity, bigotry, height, smell.

I tolerated that she brought me here.

I tolerated that she was trying to be healthy and educate herself during her last years of life.

My Mom died at age 62 from Congestive Heart Failure. She had Diabetes and 4 Cardiac Bypass Surgeries. My Dad’s alive, probably 84 years old, and still working his Business selling Spy Equipment.

It’s pissing me off right now. The woman who had the courage to love my Father, her crazy kids, herself….dies of Congestive Heart Failure. The man who fears loving his kids and grand-kids, and loathes his second wife, survives.

Dammit! My father’s still on top! He’s still the ‘stronger’ one. And he runs more fear through his veins than I would think is humanly possible. Shouldn’t he have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Liver Cancer? God forgive me for thinking that.

Weird, l feel my Mom and Dad dancing Flow and Staccato rhythms in my body.

Liquid love elastic heart beats steady in my chest. A slow strong pulse calms me.

I catch my breath. My breath feels thrown out of my mouth from my diaphragm. 

Right Now- I’m pissed off and feel compassion run through my veins.

How odd to have anger and love run through me side by side.

It’s like I’m Inhaling Love and Exhaling Anger. 

Ahhhh…Purr and Growl. So so familiar.

Even while I’m invigorated by Anger, I’m some how calmer than I’ve been in ages. Yeah. I’m angry that my Father Lives and my Mother is Dead.

How do I honor my Mother?

How do I give thanks for her love?

Here goes…Dear Mom.

GeorgAnna Musgrove-Lambert 1992
GeorgAnna Musgrove-Lambert 1992

Thank you Mother for saying Yes to birthing me. Your last child. Even though your marriage was already shaking apart, you said yes to bringing me here. And the story goes, I was born feet first, vaginally, instead of cesarian. That must have hurt like hell. And you stayed alive through the birth and gave me life.

Thank you Mother for letting me go, when I asked to live else where. It took Big Love to Release me. First at age 7 to my Father and then again at age 16 you gave me up to the State of Texas so I could be a foster child and finish High School.

Thank you for becoming sober. For going to school to wake up and sharpen your tools to share yourself with the world.

Thank you for researching your ancestry and writing down your memories to share with your grandchildren and with me.

Thank you Mom for being honest and real.

Thank you Mom for all your laughter, anger and confusion.

You have taught me how to be a real woman and a real person, with out compromise.

You laughed with your whole body. You looked me straight into my eyes. You didn’t give into society’s norm of what woman is. You appeared shameless and bold. 

Thank you for only saying good things about my Father, when you could have said the horrible-like him not paying child support, or abandoning you, me, and his sons. You chose to be silent rather than be the victim.

I am just now realizing you were not the victim.

That you did land on your feet, you were on top.

Mostly landing in Integrity. Landing in Love. Self-Love.

Before now, I’ve felt Misogyny run through my veins. I’ve felt arrogance fortify my stone wall. Before now I thought my strength came from hiding. Now seeing you with fresh eyes, I see your strength was in being vulnerable, real, and damn honest.

Reverend Carola Marashi Officiating Garry & Ruthie's Wedding
Reverend Carola Marashi Showing her Curves.

Okay Mom. I am woman born from woman.

I am a Sister respecting Sisterhood.

I choose to remember Woman is Strong and Soft.

I am learning Silence is Discerning.

I can imagine that I can Accept (instead of Tolerate)

my Real Woman Curves, Dimples, Ripples, and Vericose Veins 

as I Accept and Honor you Mom.

The Courage to Love is Fresh Oxygen Pumping Through My Heart.

Your Courage Ignites my Courage Mom.

Thank You.

Your Daughter,


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Believing the power of Love!

Believing the power of Love!



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  1. Thank you Carola for sharing this tribute to your mother. My belief system tells me she gets it, she feels your release, your acceptance of her. She is up there, or out there, and because of this exercise she is freer… as are you. Peace

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