Psychedelics help reduce heavy drinking -study sheds light

“The compound in psychedelic mushrooms helped heavy drinkers cut back or quit entirely in the most rigorous test of psilocybin for alcoholism.

In my experience as a psychedelic integration therapist guiding individuals journeys AND microdosing psychedelics- addictions loosen their grip. Often I hear “more choices are opening up to me, I feel more like the driver of my life rather than a passenger. I’m facing more than avoiding.”

“Two doses of psilocybin -, along with psychotherapy, helped people with alcohol use disorder reduce drinking for at least eight months after their first treatments, results from the largest clinical trial of its kind show.”

More than 80% of those who were given the psychedelic treatment had drastically reduced their drinking eight months after the study started, compared to just over 50% in the antihistamine control group, according to results published Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry. At the end of the trial, half of those who received psilocybin had quit drinking altogether, compared to about one-quarter of those who were given the antihistamine.

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“Dr. Mark Willenbring, former director of treatment research at the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, said more research is needed before psilocybin can be considered an effective addition to talk therapy. He noted that talking with a therapist helped both groups — those who got psilocybin and those who didn’t — and the added benefit of psilocybin appeared to wear off over time.”

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