Shedding Skin Writing Class Special Personal One on One!

Shedding Skin Writing Class helps you express your AWE-thentic voice.Dancer Message

You are a teacher and healer and leader in community. It no longer serves you to ‘bite your tongue’.

When your word matches the rhythm of your heart beat and breath-you know your Soul’s been heard!

Our most compelling messages stir our souls awake.With Personal One on One Focused attention, you’ll write freely from your soul and courageous heart.

Shedding Skin writing practice

  • unleashes your tongue
  • strengthens your intuition
  • helps you hear your heart whisper and your soul roar.

I pledge that you will feel Heard, Seen and Valued.

heart whisperer dictionary

Do you yearn for someone to really listen and hear what you’re saying-not just your word content-but hear your soul speak? Do you desire for someone to see into you, not just look at you?

That’s what Shedding Skin Writing Practice does for me. At some point along my path-I realized I had to become what I desired. To be the therapist I desired. To be the friend I always wanted. To be the partner I wanted.

When my words reflect my soul, I vibrate. Literally I feel an inner hum inside me. Maybe it’s a human purr.

It’s my soul purpose to connect-intimately inside and outside, verbally and non-verbally, align completely my mind/body/spirit. No compromise.

What is Shedding Skin Writing Practice?

It’s writing from the inside-out. It’s following your heart and writing with your mind simultaneously.

It’s listening to your Heart Whisper and your Soul Roar.

snake shed head img

The snake rubs up against something sharp to begin the shedding process. The snake will die of suffocation if it doesn’t shed its skin completely-even the covering of its’ eyes.

Shedding Skin writing practice includes witness. Your writing will scratch off old beliefs that don’t serve you any longer. Sharing your writing with witness sheds light into what is ready to emerge. Being heard-strips off layers and exposes your vulnerability. Even though it might feel like healthy skin coming off while reading your writing, it’s enlivening and necessary for growth of your soul.

Being seen and heard transforms pain into medicine, tragedy into comedy, and death into rebirth.

Shedding Skin writing practice is writing for transformation. Listen to your Heart Whisper and your Soul Roar.

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Carola Marashi M.A. Author, Intuitive Counselor, Artist

Heart Whisperer Carola Marashi M.A. Author, Transpersonal Therapist.

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