Sacred circle dance was FANTASTIC! Here's the link to listen to the Ecstatic Dance Set by  Erik Blenders Ecstatic dance is my 35 year psychedelic practice. Ecstatic. Extraordinary State. Prayer. How humans feel connected to all that is.  Our oldest form of prayer is dancing and singing. Stomping and chanting. Mumbling grumbling, ranting and raving,... Continue Reading →

Naked Under My Skin

At first, I can barely gasp for air. I die. The 'old' life is squeezed out of me. The humble, vulnerable, naked human surrenders. I go from solitude to intimacy. Inside the hug- My heart beats with their heart. And then I have to let go. Present tense pushes out past tense.

The smush of body weight against the floor feels like a full body hug.

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