Seeking 8 Playmates. My innocence feels raw and tender. Together we can ReCharge our Resilient Innocence -InnerSense, Discernment, Responsibility and Service are my roots of Intuition. Come dig in and discover the story that bubbles inside you desiring to come out a play!

You’ve heard “Everything I learned was in the playground.”
My 1st kiss. My biggest public dumb move.
It’s never to late to co-create MAGIC!

Let’s not get bullied around!
Playing with In2it! Cards-we’ll take turns with LIVE Readings!
Imagine your In2it! Reading enacted by your playmates.
Imagine your intuition infusing your muscle memory.
Imagine your In2it! reading coming to life 3D!

It-Your biggest dream coming AWAKE..
It-Your heart, soul, mind/body.

Really: We’ll set the stage (Boundaries of Playground).
Invoke Innocence, Discernment, Responsibility & Service.
Someone steps In2it! to receive a ‘live’ reading with In2it! cards.
Receiver picks playmates to enact the In2it! Reading. 
Directed by me unabashedly!
Take Turns. Play Fair. We all get to be the Star.

In2it! Deck 22 Cards Invoking Intuition.
My original art (therapy) divided into 4 ROOTS of Intuition.
MOVE In2it! and discover a Sacred Playground TAG YOU ARE IT!
Suggested Donation $25 graciously received.
Curious? Got Questions? Call me 512-925-0625

WHEN:  Saturday November 4th NOON to 2PM

WHERE:  Sage Center for Wholeness 12555 SW 1st St, Beaverton, OR 97005

$25 Suggested Donation

“Carola’s intuition ability is excellent! Through her fine-tuned listening, she helped me unearth core areas in my personal life that had been unexamined; she supported me to become more empowered and clear.”

“She has a special ability to listen in a way that allows you to connect with your true self. She is a steady, insightful and a supportive guide. Through her skillful leadership I developed confidence in my ability to connect with myself more deeply.”

“Most importantly, I learned how to ‘follow the energy’, to listen for what resonates within me. I feel lucky to have found her and I am more attuned and authentic as a result of our work together.”


Naked Under My Skin

Being Human is the Real Spiritual Practice.

Being Human is the Real Spiritual Practice.

Solitude. Intimate. Vulnerable. Humble. This is how I feel when I’m naked under my skin.

Naked Under My Skin

Yeah. Naked. Humanly Naked.ecstatic chakras

Last Sunday in Portland’s Ecstatic Dance, someone stood up and said

“I’m from Grass Valley California, and our dance is ‘the cool’ dance. You know you can’t dance ugly when you’re all caught up in looking cool. I feel so at home in my skin here in Portland. Thanks for dropping your shit, and being real today.”

I don’t show up to dance to be- anything. Not cool. Not happy, or nice or spiritual. I show up to be…human.

Okay. I suck at being human. Right? To get here to dance, driving, I cut in front of people. I passed homeless folks without giving them money or even eye contact. I drank coffee and ate chocolate grown in non-sustainable farms. My ‘doggy bag’ was put into a styro-foam container.


…I arrive at dance. Rattled. Just drove through traffic. Highways. Tunnels. Bridges. Noise in you to music againCars. Bicycles. Pedestrians. Dogs on leashes. Concrete. More concrete. I drank 2 shots of espresso. I’m wearing tight-clingy dance clothes. I drop on the dance floor.


I sprawl flat and attempt to touch as much of my body from head to toe on the floor. My round skull feels lumpy. My bony protrusions-shoulder blades, elbows, hip bones and ankles feel extra large and it takes awhile for my body to let go. It’s like I am wearing a Fireman’s armor, and as I roll on the floor, I slowly shed it and maybe eventually I begin to feel my body touch the floor.

Sometimes someone else is rolling on the floor near me and I’ll roll over and join them in a contact dance. We’ll take turns smashing and rolling out each other’s crunchiness. One person is a rolling pin and the other person gets rolled flat like dough. 

I often feel compressed-from the inside. Literally I am crowded with sensation. contact Eugene Yahats 2013Even when I’m sitting still, inside I’m swirling. My mind is tossing and turning. My mental images might be strobing from all the visual input of my phone screen. My ears may be roaring from audio input-music, urban noise, recalling conversations and shouts of unsaid withholds to avoid conflict.

Then an ‘Angel’ appears and squeezes me. My outside is squeezed, like how my insides feel cramped. 

At first, I can barely gasp for air.  I die. The ‘old’ life is squeezed out of me. The agitated, eager, caffeinated part of me surrenders under the external pressure of human pressing human, and what remains is humble, vulnerable, naked human . I go from solitude to intimacy. Inside the hug- My heart beats with their heart. And then I have to let go. Present tense human pressing me flat-pushes out past tense survival skills. The ‘Now’ me dominates the old me.

The smush of body weight against the floor feels like a full body hug.

Now, let’s return to ‘ecstatic dance’.

ecstasy  Latin from Greek ekstasis ‘standing outside oneself’.  

Ecstatic Dance:  To move, flail in rhythmic motion, a spontaneous combustion of authenticity in human form.

To be an empathic, sensitive, authentic Human Being

demands discernment;

requires choosing responsibly;

feeds on doing service;

and produces compassion-

AFTER LOT’S OF DANCING.Ecstatic Dance August 2015

My greatest desire is that eventually, by the end of 90 minutes of sweating my prayers, I’ll become human again. Naked under my skin.

Vinn Marti -Arjuna, Father of Soul Motion says “Dance ugly and drool”. 

When I’m dancing, I feel my roots. Around my tail bone and between my legs, I feel energy.

My heart twinges, my skin tingles.

Energy enters me from the soles of my feet runs through the palms of my hands and blows out from the top of my head. And then energy enters me from the palms of my hands and dances out my feet. I am spontaneously combusting love.
picasso dancer

When I show up, my presence makes a difference. There is no doubt that my dance impacts my world.

Every breath ripples laughter in and out of me. Laughter moves me. Joy moves me. Gratitude blasts through my body like sonic waves. I am Boundless. I Defy gravity. Lyrical comes to me. I am danced.

Vibrating, purring. I hum. I am humble.

Titilated.  Every cell stimulated.

My skin wrapper is glittering.  


Being Human is the Real Spiritual Practice.

Solitude. Intimate. Vulnerable. Humble. This is how I feel when I’m naked under my skin.


My homework for this entire week is ‘DARE TO BE SEEN’.

Not only dare, but POST a video on Facebook daily!

Here’s my first video. I’m sharing because I practice what I preach…I walk my talk. I give what I want to receive. 

My greatest desire? To inspire you to move through your fear and feel it being transformed into excitement. That’s what happened to me…right about the time I moved out of ‘chaos’ and into ‘joy’.


Carola lah

Music set for Ecstatic Dance for Tribal Joy

Father Sun!
Father Sun!

Oooh how exciting to share my ecstatic dance set!

As the Father Sky Bathes Mother Earth with Air, Fire, Water-I am InSpired to Spin a musical web that’s sticky with Sweat and Tears of Joy. May we all swell and stretch our capacity to give and receive love!


Some featured artists on the playlist are IronikYaima, Delhi 2 Dublin, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Check out more of my Ecstatic Dance mixes on MixCloud for your dancing pleasure!

I feel so honored to facilitate ecstatic dance with all of you. Each dance mix I produce is fresh (not reused or replayed) and oozes my sweat and tears of what it is to be alive. Right now. Right here. Presently I am writing this from Austin Texas. This is where I birthed my first Ecstatic Dance in Austin Texas in 1994. I now feel like a grandmother of Ecstatic Dance since many of the dances I co-birthed (Sante Fe, Ashland, San Francisco) have inspired dances all around the world. body choir 1995 austin texas

What a blessing to have a spiritual practice that shakes my ass, stirs my soul, and allows me to discover new each time what it is to be a pulsing, throbbing, heart expanding human being.

My dance prayer is that every being discovers a ‘place’ to allow themselves to feel whole, alive, and welcomed to be raw, spontaneous, and camp NW touched

Dancing Peace-Carola Lah Lah

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