LEAP and Linger. My 53rd Birthday Present. Tandem Paragliding over Southern Oregon Mountains. Linger. Linger is my new friend. I choose to become very familiar, as intimate as I can with Linger. "To be slow in parting" is one definition. My relationship with this word linger stuck to me like 'white on rice' in contact... Continue Reading →

What does it take to Love My Body?

I LOVE my Adult Body with varicose veins on my legs that imitate a Picasso tatoo artist cellulose shamelessly showing through my dance pants silver hair on my head and on my ... As a 2 year old Adult: I choose to love my body as it is. (Media's definition of female beauty is BULLSHIT.) I choose to enjoy sensations of wiggle, squirm, shake and purr. (Sexual and sensual freedom & discernment reigns!) I choose to exude my beauty and perfection. (Age-ism and gender-ism no longer have authority over me.) Okay. I confess. What did it take to love my body?

Holiday Special for 2014

The Sacred Dance Tarot conjures an intimate dance of Self Compassion. The GuideBook leads you through Wild Twists and Turns of your Psyche that crave Understanding and Forgiveness. Have YourSelf an AHHH MaZing HoliDAZeThis Year!To Bring You Good Cheer I am offering a FREE Reading with Purchase of My Sacred Dance Tarot Deck & Guide.OOOH The Deck comes... Continue Reading →

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